[20160214] Miracles happened on Valentine’s Day



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

A miracle happened on Valentine’s Day! Wow! Yuju is my bias in GFRIEND and Sungjae is my second bias in BTOB, that is why I’m really happy about this collaboration stage

Here’s the historic special stage:

I just don’t like the thumbnail picture SBS Inkigayo had used, look at Sungjae’s face, it seemed like he’s just doing a troll face lol.Well, Yuju had been really vocal about how she wanted to have a duet with Sungjae ever since, and now it happened. They are pretty good, aren’t they?

Another funny thing is that, when you search ‘Sungjae Yuju’ on google, my picture would appear lol.


Anyway, I’m extra happy today because Taeyeon is no.1 on today’s SBS Inkigayo, too bad she didn’t perform.

Congratulations, Taeyeon! Wow you won on Valentine’s day, that’s extra special!


[20160205] What’s with GFRIEND’s Yuju and BTOB’s Sungjae?



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

As a mutli-fandom kpop fan, I rarely have die hard OTP ships, although I do have a few, I don’t go delulu over them. My title might be misleading, but, that’s not what you guys think it is.

Since BTOB is my favorite male group, and GFRIEND is my favorite act these days, I think having a collaboration stage would be very nice. Well, I think 2016 has been very nice to me, because, Sungjae and Yuju will be having a Valentines Day special performance!


Yuju is my bias in GFRIEND, that is why I guess, as a male fan, I’m very particular with her. While in BTOB, Sungjae is my second favorite member, next to Peniel, I even ship these two, ‘PenJae’. Anyway, both groups are in the spotlight these days, that is why I think a lot of fans and even non-fans are looking forward to their Valentines Day special stage.

Oh yes! Actually, Yuju said in a radio broadcast that she wanted to have a duet with ‘Sungjae’ when she was asked which singer does she likes to have a duet with.

Yuju:  “I want to do a duet with Sungjae.  I recently recorded with him for a Valentine’s special.  We’ve always been acquainted, so I think it’d be good if we did a duet.”

Well, I’m not really sure if Yuju is saying that to promote their upcoming performance or she really wanted to have a duet with Sungjae ever since or what have you. Well, for me, both are lucky to be performing with each other, I mean, this is a great opportunity for the both of them as singers.

Anyway, you can skip the video at 30:38 mark, that is when Yuju was asked which singer she likes to have a duet with. Then, at 33:33 mark, that is when Yuju was explaining why she chose Sungjae.

Honestly, I’m really looking forward for their performance, it will be happening exactly on Valentines Day lol. Lets show them both lots of love and support! Fighting!

video credits: vch


[20151116] Tada! My first post! 내 첫 번째 게시물이에요!



Hey Guys,

This is Kenneth.

Born and raised in the Philippines on July 13th 1994, so basically I am now 21 years old. I am currently a 3rd year student of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Pulilan Campus taking up Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship.

I opened this personal blog so that I can be able to convey my feelings, thoughts and ideas I have in mind. To be honest, I am not that really good with such things but I’m here to explore the things that I can possibly do.

Hmm.. I guess, I have to tell a little bit more something about myself huh?

Kenneth is an alien, when I say alien, it means that the stuffs I do sometimes are out of this world that annoys other people lol. I love eating (well, who doesn’t), I love green stuffs (don’t get me wrong) my favorite color is green, hmm I’m a bit narcissistic (well, I love myself), I’m an active leader in our campus and I have represented our campus in various events/programs already, the Class President (in our class) and the acting Student Council President of the campus (there isn’t actually a formal election or stuff, our Director actually appointed me when I was in first year lol), during my free time I enjoy playing Clash of Clans, and most of all, I LOVE KPOP!

If we are going to talk about KPOP, I guess this post will not be enough. I’ve been a kpop fan ever since 2009, it started when I heard the news about my first love Sandara Park, I heard that she debuted in Korea as part of the girl group 2NE1. I have loved Dara ever since her SCQ days in the Philippines that is why I was so happy to learn about her new found career in her own nation, South Korea. The first 2NE1 song I’ve heard was “Lollipop” with BIGBANG, followed by the very addictive tracks Fire and I Don’t Care then the rest is history.

Today, I can really call myself a multi-fandom type of a kpop fan. After discovering 2NE1, it opened a lot of doors in the kpop industry for me, I couldn’t even remember when I started being a fan of other kpop groups that I’m into nowadays. After 2NE1 in 2009, there came a very similar talented group that just like 2NE1 I’ve started rooting for them even before they debuted, that group is BTOB. There are a lot of talented groups in Kpop but until now even if others may disagree, I would say that for me 2NE1 and BTOB is in the same level, same level of charisma, talent and they just both overflow with this feeling I can’t even explain by words. Until today, even if I’m loving so many groups now, only 2NE1 and BTOB had that impression for me.

Should I at least enumerate all the Kpop groups I’m a fan of? First, those whom have complete songs in my playlist, in the first tier 2NE1 and BTOB! I have all of their songs, pre-debut songs and even if they’re just featured in a song, my biases are Park Bom (I miss you Bommie!) and Peniel respectively.

Second tier, Girls’ Generation, biases are Hyoyeon and Taeyeon. AOA, bias is ChoA, VIXX, bias is Ken.

Third tier, BIGBANG, bias is Seungri, 4Minute, bias is Jiyoon, BEAST, bias is Hyunseung, APINK, bias is Bomi, EXO, biases are Baekhyun and D.O, Rainbow bias is Jisook, KARA, bias is Seungyeon.

Fourth tier, RaNia, bias is Alex, G-FRIEND, bias is Yuju, C-Clown, bias is Ray (too bad they disbanded), Girls Day, bias is Minah, WINNER, bias is Jinwoo, Orange Caramel, bias is Raina, GOT7, bias is Yugyeom (Happy Birthday Yugyeom!), F(x), bias is Luna, Dal Shabet, bias is Woohee, EXID, bias is Hyerin

Fifth tier, Miss A bias is Fei, DMTN, bias is Jeesu, APRIL, bias is Yena, LEGEND, bias is Jaehyuk, SISTAR, bias is Dasom, Red Velvet, bias is Joy, SHINee, bias is Jonghyun, Ladies Code, bias is Rise (rest in peace, my angel)

Special mentions: 9Muses, Noh Jihoon, G.NA, IU, Lee Hi, Joo, N-White, Spica, Hello Venus, Ailee, Tiny-G, Chocolat, U-Kiss, Secret, T-ARA, Playback, Twice, SKarf, CNBLUE, Gummy, BTS, NU’EST, Eric Nam, SE7EN, Wonder Girls, Davichi, Jewelry, Tablo, F-VE Dolls, G.I and Akdong Musician.

Can you guys even imagine how many songs I have in my playlist? lol. Anyway, I’ve been writing my first post for like 2 hours though HAHAHA.

Hmm.. at this rate, I think I’ve been talking for so long already so I’ll be ending my first post with this closing commemoration quote from me, “speak without judging, think with understanding”.

See you again!