[20160406] Happy Birthday VIXX’ Ken + Congratulations BTOB!



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth!


Wow! I am really happy for you guys! This is the first time you guys won with all the members present, Sungjae must be so happy. Actually, I’m really having a hard time because of my toothache and this news actually made my day. I’m so happy that you guys harvested all of your hard works together this time, hope you guys keep on doing well.

Anyway, BTOB performed two songs today, ‘So Pretty’ and the title song ‘Remember That’, watch their winning performance.

They’re good, right? Now, watch their winning moment..

Look at how happy these boys were.. Sungjae, you never change at all. HAHAHAHA

Once again, Congratulations BTOB! Fighting!




My bias in VIXX is celebrating his birthday today! Happy Birthday Jaehwan-ah! Double celebration for me, right? VIXX fighting! Ken fighting!

[20160128] Hello Counselor!


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

These past few days, I’ve been addicted to KBS’ Hello Counselor. The format of the program is very nice, to be honest if this is a program in my country, the Philippines, I guess the concerned people would really be aggressive (not generalizing tho). Anyway, this program may give you good laughter, excitement (in terms of romance matters), it may surprise you big time and give you good cries as well, specially when the concerns of these concerned people gets too emotional and hits you straight in the heart.

I’ve been watching Hello Counselor before but only when an idol comes out as a guess, that’s the only time I get to watch it. Today, I can really say I’m addicted to watching it. Sadly, I couldn’t watch the very first episode up to the very recent one because it has been airing for quite a long time already. For now, I’ll be watching the episodes I haven’t watched.

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite episodes so far..

This was the last episode from last year, 2015. It featured Secret’s Jieun, Roy Kim, Laboum’s Solbin and Yulhee. The reason why this episode is memorable for me, its because one of the concerns was about a very devoted fan of GFRIEND. He’s crazy to be very honest, I wouldn’t do the stuffs he did even if I could as well, he’s a true fan, no doubt. But seriously? who would fool his parents for money just to buy an expensive camera, albums (multiple number of the same album) and expensive gifts for GFRIEND, to top it all, he skips classes. In my surprise, GFRIEND came, I guess he felt he was in heaven that moment lol. I hope he changed tho, after all, GFRIEND didn’t want him to be that way too.

This episode is crazy! one of the best episodes! I had fun watching the auction, from the die hard Apink’s Hayoung’s fans, to the surprising cases of past guests and of course the items for bidding. To be honest most of the items were sold way too cheap from its actual prices, I’m still butt hurting for that DSLR camera which was sold for like 45% its original price. The one that touched me the most was the grandfather whom suddenly raised his bid when apparently the guy whom wanted to buy the item ran out of money happened to be his son. I recommend you guys to watch this as well!

By far this the best episode! The victory of the stubborn grandpa wasn’t surprising at all. He was very stubborn even in the studio! I’m really laughing hard whenever he raises his voice as if he’s fighting with somebody. Well, I must say the grandpa is good in explaining, but, I really felt bad for his wife I wanted to give her big hug, it must have been really hard for her. You guys should watch this!

KBS, I’m a fan. I’ll be looking forward for more episodes!

[20160122] Three, four, Born to Beat! Hello, We are BTOB!



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

As a really really proud MELODY! I would like to belatedly congratulate BTOB for winning the “Best Ballad Award” at the 25th Seoul Music Awards on January 14, 2016. I really feel bad for not writing something about it, so I will be making this double tribute for our boys, BTOB, because they just receive “Best Vocal Award” at the 30th Golden Disc Awards yesterday as well.


Wow! our boys had snagged two awards in just a week, feel proud yet? Wait until you watch their performances, I’m pretty sure you’ll be saying, “damn, these boys deserved it all.”

Well, I was be able to find a fancam because so far there isn’t a single decent actual video of their performance in YouTube yet. But still, they were pretty awesome aren’t they?

BTOB’s proud moment, even though artists who receive awards usually cries and becomes emotional, BTOB is really different lol.

Anyway, I would like to thank the fan whom compiled BTOB’s cuts at the entire event. As you can see, our athlete Minhyuk, was also one of the special emcees.

In Golden Disk Awards, we are lucky enough to have witnessed BTOB’s legendary ballad songs in one majestic stage. I just feel so proud right now.

They’re pretty normal, aren’t they?

Let us not forget Eunkwang and Changsub’s special performance with VIXX’ Leo and Ken. I really think that these men should debut as a sub-unit of BTOVIXX, such pure talents.

Well, once again, CONGRATULATIONS BTOB! All the melodies all over the world are very proud of what you guys have been achieving! BTOB Fighting!


video credits: Lu cinda / Mybestluck 1129 / sungjaelly / Skpb K-Music Live / Miew Tuan /


[20151118] What Happened to my KPOP Idols today?



First up, y’all hold your horses! CL is coming back and she’s saying “Hello Bitches!”.

Well at first, everybody else thought, including me, that the WHO’S NEXT teaser image from YG-LIFE is going to be a 2NE1 comeback, but at least its CL. Besides, a rep from YG said that if CL’s solo comeback would be successful, they’ll start working on 2NE1’s comeback right away. I don’t know if the rep was drunk or out of his mind, its CL for pete’s sake, of course CL will SLAY! Now YG, make sure to give us a good 2NE1 comeback after CL’s solo comeback!


VIXX snags 2nd win for Chained Up today at Show Champion, Congratulations VIXX! Hyuk did the acceptance speech, get more trophies as much as you can, EXID is coming your way. Once again, Congratulations!


The most awaited comeback! EXID! Hyerin, I still find you cute no matter what. It was definitely a HOT comeback! Solji’s vocals, LE’s rap, Hani’s sexiness, Junghwa’s prettiness and of course Hyerin’s cuteness. How can you not love these girls? You’ll get trophies soon, my girls.

The Legend also had their comeback stage, Changsun had many lines here while Roi had very little. Lito’s rap is really improving now, Listen’s high notes are still cringe worthy. And of course, Jaehyuk. A very very clean performance.

Till my next recap, see you!

[20151117] What happened to my Kpop Idols today?



First up, just an hour ago EXID released their Digital Single Album’s HOT PINK MUSIC VIDEO!!!

After an hour of being released, the music video already has 100k views on YouTube! Way to go EXID! But to be honest, since this is the first time I’ve listened to Hot Pink, I would say that I still like Up and Down even more. Hot Pink has the same vibe as Ah Yeah tho.

Hyerin just killed me, she was so hot and cute at the same time. I like Hani’s hair because its green! LE, of course with her undying swag and fierce looks. Moreover her voice, Solji’s legs were the highlight. And of course Junghwa, well Junghwa is pretty no doubt, pink hair suits her so well. I guess Tiffany would seriously love this song since its pink, take note, not just pink, but Hot Pink.

Congratulations on your comeback then, EXID. You go tell them who’s HOT in PINK!

Next on our recap, VIXX’ Chained Up first win! Congratulations VIXX!


Our Cha Leader doing their winning speech, Hongbin looks weird here though. Hyuk in pink, he should join EXID lol. Ken, Ravi and Leo seems dumbfounded HAHAHA.


So, here are the full results of today’s SBS MTB The Show episode. Of course, VIXX came first. Guess who’s trailing behind, its Twice! Wow these girls surely are some bad ass rookies. Brown Eyed Girls, Gavy NJ and Romeo were third, fourth and fifth respectively. Congratulations again, VIXX!

Last but definitely not the least, my girls from RaNia performed in SBS MTV The Show as well, these girls are slaying! Specially Alex! DI looked so hot in red, she screams sex to be honest. Xia and T-ae still looks cute to me no matter what, even though both of them aren’t maknaes anymore lol. Hyeme looks like Gain doesn’t she? She’s as sexy as her too. Seulji is so fluffly bye. I wish RaNia success and more attention they deserve!

Disclaimer: EXID’s Hot Pink MV was released 12:00AM KST (November 18th) which is still 11:00PM in my country so basically, its still on the 17th.

Till my next recap, see you!

[20151116] Tada! My first post! 내 첫 번째 게시물이에요!



Hey Guys,

This is Kenneth.

Born and raised in the Philippines on July 13th 1994, so basically I am now 21 years old. I am currently a 3rd year student of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Pulilan Campus taking up Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship.

I opened this personal blog so that I can be able to convey my feelings, thoughts and ideas I have in mind. To be honest, I am not that really good with such things but I’m here to explore the things that I can possibly do.

Hmm.. I guess, I have to tell a little bit more something about myself huh?

Kenneth is an alien, when I say alien, it means that the stuffs I do sometimes are out of this world that annoys other people lol. I love eating (well, who doesn’t), I love green stuffs (don’t get me wrong) my favorite color is green, hmm I’m a bit narcissistic (well, I love myself), I’m an active leader in our campus and I have represented our campus in various events/programs already, the Class President (in our class) and the acting Student Council President of the campus (there isn’t actually a formal election or stuff, our Director actually appointed me when I was in first year lol), during my free time I enjoy playing Clash of Clans, and most of all, I LOVE KPOP!

If we are going to talk about KPOP, I guess this post will not be enough. I’ve been a kpop fan ever since 2009, it started when I heard the news about my first love Sandara Park, I heard that she debuted in Korea as part of the girl group 2NE1. I have loved Dara ever since her SCQ days in the Philippines that is why I was so happy to learn about her new found career in her own nation, South Korea. The first 2NE1 song I’ve heard was “Lollipop” with BIGBANG, followed by the very addictive tracks Fire and I Don’t Care then the rest is history.

Today, I can really call myself a multi-fandom type of a kpop fan. After discovering 2NE1, it opened a lot of doors in the kpop industry for me, I couldn’t even remember when I started being a fan of other kpop groups that I’m into nowadays. After 2NE1 in 2009, there came a very similar talented group that just like 2NE1 I’ve started rooting for them even before they debuted, that group is BTOB. There are a lot of talented groups in Kpop but until now even if others may disagree, I would say that for me 2NE1 and BTOB is in the same level, same level of charisma, talent and they just both overflow with this feeling I can’t even explain by words. Until today, even if I’m loving so many groups now, only 2NE1 and BTOB had that impression for me.

Should I at least enumerate all the Kpop groups I’m a fan of? First, those whom have complete songs in my playlist, in the first tier 2NE1 and BTOB! I have all of their songs, pre-debut songs and even if they’re just featured in a song, my biases are Park Bom (I miss you Bommie!) and Peniel respectively.

Second tier, Girls’ Generation, biases are Hyoyeon and Taeyeon. AOA, bias is ChoA, VIXX, bias is Ken.

Third tier, BIGBANG, bias is Seungri, 4Minute, bias is Jiyoon, BEAST, bias is Hyunseung, APINK, bias is Bomi, EXO, biases are Baekhyun and D.O, Rainbow bias is Jisook, KARA, bias is Seungyeon.

Fourth tier, RaNia, bias is Alex, G-FRIEND, bias is Yuju, C-Clown, bias is Ray (too bad they disbanded), Girls Day, bias is Minah, WINNER, bias is Jinwoo, Orange Caramel, bias is Raina, GOT7, bias is Yugyeom (Happy Birthday Yugyeom!), F(x), bias is Luna, Dal Shabet, bias is Woohee, EXID, bias is Hyerin

Fifth tier, Miss A bias is Fei, DMTN, bias is Jeesu, APRIL, bias is Yena, LEGEND, bias is Jaehyuk, SISTAR, bias is Dasom, Red Velvet, bias is Joy, SHINee, bias is Jonghyun, Ladies Code, bias is Rise (rest in peace, my angel)

Special mentions: 9Muses, Noh Jihoon, G.NA, IU, Lee Hi, Joo, N-White, Spica, Hello Venus, Ailee, Tiny-G, Chocolat, U-Kiss, Secret, T-ARA, Playback, Twice, SKarf, CNBLUE, Gummy, BTS, NU’EST, Eric Nam, SE7EN, Wonder Girls, Davichi, Jewelry, Tablo, F-VE Dolls, G.I and Akdong Musician.

Can you guys even imagine how many songs I have in my playlist? lol. Anyway, I’ve been writing my first post for like 2 hours though HAHAHA.

Hmm.. at this rate, I think I’ve been talking for so long already so I’ll be ending my first post with this closing commemoration quote from me, “speak without judging, think with understanding”.

See you again!