[SSFTD] Secondhand Serenade’s Like A Knife




For today’s song suggestion, I recommend you guys listen to Secondhand Serenade’s Like A Knife. This is my favorite track from ‘A Twist In My Story’ Album.

This song actually has lots of elements, I don’t even know how to put it in words, but this song is so damn good. To be honest, in my own perspective I can say that this song is a love song, a very romantic song. Even though Secondhand Serenade is a band known for their emotional music, I can see the love and creativity in their songs.

These are my favorite lines,

“I know I’m not the best for you,
but promise that you’ll stay,
coz if I watch you go, you’ll see me wasting,
you’ll see me wasting away.”
“Goodbyes are meant for lonely people standing in the rain
and no matter where I go it’s always pouring all the same
these streets are filled with memories
both good for detected pain
and all I wanna do is love you
but I’m the only one to blame.”
But no kidding, this song is worth listening to especially when you’re so in love with someone and you tend to get suffocated with his/her words, but you’re still so in love with them. This is a song for people whom chooses to feel all the pain, to feel all the frustrations, the sorrow and the sufferings, just to save the one they love from feeling so.
Before, back when I was in high school, I could really relate to every song Secondhand Serenade sang, of course that was before I got into kpop. Then again, I just got to say, SS is still my jam. Their songs still gives me eargasms and too much feelings.
At this rate, I’ll wrap this up. See you next time!

[SSFTD] BTOB – 집으로 가는 길 (Way Back Home)


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For today’s song suggestion, I will be recommending BTOB’s Way Back Home. “집으로 가는 길” is the title track for their 7th Mini Album ‘I Mean’ which has 6 that will surely lift your mood and spirit.

This song is very memorable to us Melodies (BTOB fans), because this is the song which made BTOB reach the no.1 spot! Although the previous album, BTOB ‘Complete’ 1st Full Album with their title track “괜찮아요” (It’s Okay) was another hit and made BTOB no.1 in various real-time charts, it only reached no.2 in music show charts. Fortunately, BTOB came back with a powerful mini album and snagged their first ever music show win on MBC Music Show Champion’s 164th Episode on October 21, 2015.

Let’s talk about the song, Way Back Home is dubbed as a HEALING SONG. If you would look deeper into what the song is saying, you will be inspired and you’ll definitely find strength while listening to this song. BTOB’s good vocals left a very good impression to the listeners, its good lyrics were accompanied with good voices, no wonder fans, and even the other fandoms loved it and even gave their support for BTOB.

I would definitely suggest that you listen to this song whenever you feel like giving up, this song would definitely give you all the encouragement you need.

This are my favorite lines:

“Where are you going with that heavy steps
You look so exhausted
I will always wait so you can rest in peace.”

“Way back home, the road that you pass by everyday
You wonder around like a kid who lost the way
At the end of wandering
Oh don’t forget your dream even if it’s hard
Even though the world cheated on you
Don’t be sad anymore, for now, just smile.”

The music video is very calming as well. Changsub’s acting perfectly fits his personality, Hyunsik and Ilhoon did pretty well in this music video though, specially at the climax.

BTOB has now established their name in the Korean Music industry. Today, they are now recognized by many and they’re still starting to reach into people’s hearts. BTOB’s hardships all payed off, the journey to this success wasn’t easy for them, they still have a long way to go, Melodies will always continue to cheer for BTOB. BTOB Fighting!

Till my next song suggestion, see you!

[SSFTD] Roh Jihoon’s – ‘니가 나였더라면’ (If you were me)



Hello! for today’s song recommendation, I will be suggesting you guys, Roh Jihoon’s ‘니가 나였더라면’ (If you were me), this song is the title track of his 2nd Mini Album ‘感’ (Feeling). The album has 5 feel good songs which will delight everyone’s ears. I personally like the album and suggest you listen to every song in the album!

Then again, let’s talk about this song because what do you know, sooner I might be suggesting the other tracks in the album in the coming days for my song suggestions.

Anyway, this song gives you the romantic guy feeling, the lines in this song are very romantic and sounds very passionate in love. So basically, its about a guy who tells a girl to look at him in his point of view, he’s telling the girl that if she was the guy, she’ll know the reason why he fell for her. Did I made it sound confusing? Well here’s my favorite line;

“If I were you
I would pick a guy like me
Because I’m the one who cares for you the most
It’s alright to love me

If I were you
I’d love me and smile
It’ll be something that would be good, the more you love me
Because I love you”

As a guy myself, I really find this cheesy tho. But hey! These are really meaningful words, sure to melt cold women’s hearts.

The MV is pretty much saying everything there is in the song, I mean, you can actually feel the sincerity of the song through the music video. You can check the music video and live performance below:

Sad to say, even though Roh Jihoon came from a known company, this guys is still very underrated. I hope he gains recognition pretty soon!

Till my next entry, see you!

[SSFTD] Winner’s Color Ring



Today, I’m suggesting WINNER’s song “Color Ring” from WINNER 2014 S/S Vol.1 Album!

Color Ring is actually a very nice song to listen to whenever you’re feeling down, I don’t know if the same thing applies to other people but I really like listening to these kind of sad songs whenever I’m feeling down and blue. It makes me feel the moment a little bit more realistic. So basically, Color Ring is a song about a guy who is longing for the one he love, a guy who wants closure, even a simple goodbye is fine with him.

To be honest, its not always that girls are the only ones who needs closure, I think everybody who had been in a stiff relationship could ask for a closure, its a good way to feel relieved.

The song has a very fine music that will get everyone into the feeling whenever you’re listening to it, with Winner’s good vocals and smooth rapping, you’ll be into this song!

The music video itself is very emotional, the live performance is enchanting.

Till my next song suggestion, see you!

[SSFTD] Orange Caramel’s Aing♡!





Today, my song suggestion would be Orange Caramel’s Aing♡ ! I’ve been listening to this song for like 3 days now. I’m not that much of a fan of After School but I love their sub-unit Orange Caramel, their songs really give so much energy to those whoever listens to them.

Aing is a cute and live song, I am suggesting that you listen to this song whenever you feel glad, this will make you feel like you’re the happiest person on earth. Their cute voices would give you a very nice feeling as well.

The music video and dance choreography is cute as well!

Till my next Song Suggestion, see you!