[20160406] Happy Birthday VIXX’ Ken + Congratulations BTOB!



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth!


Wow! I am really happy for you guys! This is the first time you guys won with all the members present, Sungjae must be so happy. Actually, I’m really having a hard time because of my toothache and this news actually made my day. I’m so happy that you guys harvested all of your hard works together this time, hope you guys keep on doing well.

Anyway, BTOB performed two songs today, ‘So Pretty’ and the title song ‘Remember That’, watch their winning performance.

They’re good, right? Now, watch their winning moment..

Look at how happy these boys were.. Sungjae, you never change at all. HAHAHAHA

Once again, Congratulations BTOB! Fighting!




My bias in VIXX is celebrating his birthday today! Happy Birthday Jaehwan-ah! Double celebration for me, right? VIXX fighting! Ken fighting!

[20160203] GFRIEND takes home another trophy



Hey guys,

This is the very happy Kenneth.

Wow! It has been a really great day for our girls, GFRIEND. Today, the girls took home another no.1 win in MBC Show Champion! Congratulations GFRIEND! Just wow. I feel so proud!

Here are the girls talking about their album:

Yuju sneezing in the end was so cute! Here’s GFRIEND’s second winning performance!

The intro is very refreshing lol. Sowon and ShinB are both very beautiful! My Yuju too, ow! I mean all of them are pretty. Tada! Here’s the winner announcement and the members’ acceptance speeches. (Yerin, looked like a whining puppy tehee) 

Once again, Congratulations GFRIEND! our, GFRIEND! Wish you more no.1 wins in the future! Fighting!

Bonus: Umji’s cute commemorative selca


video credits: MBC 쇼! 챔피언 Show Champion [by. Skpb]


[20151118] What Happened to my KPOP Idols today?



First up, y’all hold your horses! CL is coming back and she’s saying “Hello Bitches!”.

Well at first, everybody else thought, including me, that the WHO’S NEXT teaser image from YG-LIFE is going to be a 2NE1 comeback, but at least its CL. Besides, a rep from YG said that if CL’s solo comeback would be successful, they’ll start working on 2NE1’s comeback right away. I don’t know if the rep was drunk or out of his mind, its CL for pete’s sake, of course CL will SLAY! Now YG, make sure to give us a good 2NE1 comeback after CL’s solo comeback!


VIXX snags 2nd win for Chained Up today at Show Champion, Congratulations VIXX! Hyuk did the acceptance speech, get more trophies as much as you can, EXID is coming your way. Once again, Congratulations!


The most awaited comeback! EXID! Hyerin, I still find you cute no matter what. It was definitely a HOT comeback! Solji’s vocals, LE’s rap, Hani’s sexiness, Junghwa’s prettiness and of course Hyerin’s cuteness. How can you not love these girls? You’ll get trophies soon, my girls.

The Legend also had their comeback stage, Changsun had many lines here while Roi had very little. Lito’s rap is really improving now, Listen’s high notes are still cringe worthy. And of course, Jaehyuk. A very very clean performance.

Till my next recap, see you!