[SSFTD] Secondhand Serenade’s Like A Knife




For today’s song suggestion, I recommend you guys listen to Secondhand Serenade’s Like A Knife. This is my favorite track from ‘A Twist In My Story’ Album.

This song actually has lots of elements, I don’t even know how to put it in words, but this song is so damn good. To be honest, in my own perspective I can say that this song is a love song, a very romantic song. Even though Secondhand Serenade is a band known for their emotional music, I can see the love and creativity in their songs.

These are my favorite lines,

“I know I’m not the best for you,
but promise that you’ll stay,
coz if I watch you go, you’ll see me wasting,
you’ll see me wasting away.”
“Goodbyes are meant for lonely people standing in the rain
and no matter where I go it’s always pouring all the same
these streets are filled with memories
both good for detected pain
and all I wanna do is love you
but I’m the only one to blame.”
But no kidding, this song is worth listening to especially when you’re so in love with someone and you tend to get suffocated with his/her words, but you’re still so in love with them. This is a song for people whom chooses to feel all the pain, to feel all the frustrations, the sorrow and the sufferings, just to save the one they love from feeling so.
Before, back when I was in high school, I could really relate to every song Secondhand Serenade sang, of course that was before I got into kpop. Then again, I just got to say, SS is still my jam. Their songs still gives me eargasms and too much feelings.
At this rate, I’ll wrap this up. See you next time!

[20151128] The Favorite Lost Serenade



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

So today, our only class was cancelled coz our professor had hyper-acidity. For that reason, we took the time and opportunity to practice.

Here’s a little preview of the developments we’ve made..

I personally liked this part, it looks so classy and the choreography perfectly matched the music. Our piece is starting to make good sense which makes me more excited about the party. I had actually uploaded the full version of our practice, but of course, I will not upload it yet lol.

So for the sake of sharing, yesterday night, I don’t know what has gotten into me, but without any reason I suddenly felt like listening to Secondhand Serenade’s songs. Secondhand Serenade was my jam when I was in high school. I really like their songs, full of feelings and emotions, and somehow before, when I was in high school, I could really relate to their songs a lot. Apparently, without knowing, I just found myself downloading like a dozen of my favorite songs from Secondhand Serenade lol. To be very honest, it feels so nice to listen to these songs again, it made me regain my past feelings and emotions, all those I have lost. After this post, I will post a song suggestion so watch out for it!

Till next time, see you!