[20160507] April vs. Twice vs. Lovelyz vs. IOI



Hey guys,

Today, I’ll be talking about a back to back to back to back girl group battle! Who are our heroins for today? It’ll be DSP’s maknae girl group APRIL, Produce 101’s IOI, JYP’s fierce girl group TWICE and Woollim’s fresh girl group LOVELYZ. These girl groups happened to have promoted at the same time! Its going to be a fierce battle, but, in terms of the charts, TWICE emerged to be on top. But, since I am here to talk about these beautiful girls, I would be disregarding their standing in the music charts. Shall we begin then?

First up, we have APRIL.

To be honest, by far, this is the most amazing song APRIL had released. The entire album is fantastic, I loved every single song in their second mini album ‘Spring’, specially ‘눈을 뜨면’ (When I Open My Eyes).

The title song, ‘Tinkerbell’ is very catchy, the music is very fresh and alive, I loved how my baby, Yena, got lines, she got real singing LINES! She’s even the center. Their live outfits are cute as well, they really looked like real fairies, specially Yena with her hair.

I really like how they match the color green so well. Actually, Korean netizens said that APRIL chose a wrong time to have a comeback because of a very stiff competition, they’re actually competing with VIXX, APink’s Eunji, IOI and Twice which are all battling for the number 1 spot. Well, these netizens are right this time, ‘Tinkerbell’ is a very cute and warm song, perfect for spring. I just wish APRIL success in the coming years.

Here’s a glimpse of my bias, Yena the squirrel.

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Here comes IOI!

Its not surprising how IOI really became an instant hit after the success of Produce 101. These girls have worked so hard just to debut and reach this far, and what do you know, its actually paying off! IOI is doing pretty well these days, tv and radio appearances, commercials, etc. Now about the song, ‘Dream Girls’, which actually matched them perfectly! The song was really made for them! Although IOI is set to disband after 10 months, I’m pretty sure these girls will leave a huge impact in the kpop industry.

In their first mini album, I really liked ‘Doo Wap’ and ‘똑 똑 똑’. Their vocals are just so fine, it could always put me to sleep, that level of calmness and warmness. Anyway, I just want to give a shout-out to IOI’s choreographer, I felt bad for Yunjung because she only stood in the center once, she was deprived of the spotlight because of her previous issue regarding her stealing the spotlight from the actual centers, I felt bad for her. Nevertheless, the song is good.

Their live performance is magical! It felt like I’m watching a group of cotton candies dancing tho, they’re that cute and sweet.

Make way for my bias, Chungchung baby (Chungha)

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Stop thinking once, you better think TWICE!

First of all, I want to congratulate TWICE for the success ‘Cheer Up’ has been achieving lately, continue to slay TWICE! The girls are so pretty as well, I cannot handle my feels. Don’t forget Sana’s ‘shy shy shy’.

Now, about the song and the dance, I would like to give only compliments to this song, the beat is so catchy, the dance is so amazing, their vocals are still powerful and cute at the same time, good job JYP!

Their stage outfits are really pretty too! TWICE is doing pretty well, they deserve it. Keep it up, Twice!

Here’s my precious baby, Mina.

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Last, but definitely not the least, Lovelyz!

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed because I was expecting an upgrade from ‘Ah-choo’ and ‘For You’, it took me sometime to appreciate the song. But hey, its Lovelyz anyway! Too bad, just like APRIL, Lovelyz came back in a wrong time.

As expected, their dancing skills are still perfect and very sync. Mijoo actually got even prettier. The constant thing about these girls is that their stage outfits are always creative, kudos to the coordi noona as well! Go go go Lovelyz!

My angel, Kei.

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So yeah, its a tough decision, but I still made one. For me..

1st : APRIL – Tinkerbell

2nd : TWICE – Cheer Up

3rd : IOI – Dream Girls

4th : Lovelyz – Destiny

Well, this is my personal thoughts tho. Anyway, all these girl groups are the best!

[20160409] Produce 101



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

So yeah, these past few days I’ve been watching MNET’s survival program, Produce 101. At first, I kept telling myself I won’t watch this because I really hate watching survival programs, specially if ever I’d have a favorite and they would get eliminated. But then, since it already ended, I already know the final members.

Anyway lemme talk about the show, so yeah, 101 female trainees from different agencies all over Korea gathered to battle it out for a chance to debut, they’ve undergone so many challenges and evaluations that determined their potentials and skills for over 4 months.

Before I begin sharing my thoughts, I’ll be introducing some of my favorite trainees..


Cube Entertainment’s Kwon Eunbean, as we all know Eunbean is now a member of CLC. Well, even though Eunbean seemed lacking, she’s very versatile, even though she is not that good in both singing and rapping, she can definitely hit the roof with her dancing skills, their ‘Bang Bang’ stage was a huge hit, even Jessie J reacted to it. Eunbean is very pretty as well.

Eliminated : Episode 10

Highest Place : Top 36


Majesty’s Ahn Yeseul. Yeseul is a power vocal, she is one of the best. I really loved their ‘Call me baby’ stage, she definitely owned that stage. I like her personality as well, she’s quirky and she’s always giving out a bright aura.

Eliminated : Episode 10

Highest Place : Top 36


Music K’s Kim Juna. Prior to this competition, Juna has been known for being Kim Soohyun’s stepsister, but do not underestimate her, Juna is one of the power vocals in the entire competition. She is not a good dancer but her voice can definitely compromise with that.

Eliminated : Episode 10

Highest Place : Top 36


Free agent Seong Hyemin. Wow! This girl is a dark horse in the competition, she improved from time to time and showed her full potential. I’m still butt-hurting by the fact that she did not make it even to the top 22 finalists tho, but still, she’s a precious gem in my eyes. I loved her vocals in ‘My Best’ and ’24 hours’.

Eliminated : Episode 10

Highest Place : Top 36


Show Works Hwang Insun. Hwang Auntie! I just love this girl, she reminds me so much of Z:EA’s Kwanghee, a definite female version. Her vocals is no joke, I loved all of her stages, specially, 24 hours, she definitely owned that song. Because of my love for her, I actually downloaded her songs which she had releases prior to joining Produce 101. Good thing is that she’s gearing up for a solo debut soon! I’m really looking forward to it!

Eliminated : Episode 10

Highest Place : Top 36

Ow! I actually ship her with DJ Maximite!


They look cute together, right?


The Music Works’ Kim Sohee. This girl is not that noticeable in the first episodes, she didn’t even came from a known company, but dang! this girl came all the way up from down below. She showed her full potential in their ‘In the same place’ performance, she’s very pure and innocent, that’s why I like her. Too bad, she didn’t make it to the final cut.

Eliminated : Final Episode

Highest Place : Top 22


DSP Media’s Yoon Chaekyung. Ugh~ Chaekyung-ah.. I’ve known her for so long, she’s a member of ‘Puretty’ and she once competed in ‘Project Kara’. Chaekyung is very talented, she just haven’t found her break yet, but when she do, I’m sure she’ll hit the jackpot! Just like Sohee, her performance in ‘In the same place’ left a huge impact. Too bad, she didn’t make it to the final cut as well.

Eliminated : Final Episode

Highest Place : Top 22


SS Entertainment’s Lee Haein. Wow! This girl. I really love her, I can definitely say that she’s my favorite (and Hwang Auntie too). She came from a not well-known company as well, but she didn’t let that take her down, she showed her full potential as she is part of ‘Class A’. Her visuals is no joke as well, she is one of the prettiest contender in the entire show. All of her stages are memorable, ‘Irony’, ‘Me Gustas Tu’ and ‘Don’t Matter’. I would love to see her debut sooner tho.

Eliminated : Final Episode

Highest Place : Top 22

Finally, among the 11 final members of IOI, here are my favorites.. Jellyfish Entertainment’s Kim Sejeong, Kang Mina and Redline’s Kim Sohye. Let’s begin with ‘God Sejeong’, this girl is a complete package, her dance skills may be average but her visuals and her vocals are no joke. Sejeong definitely desered her spot in IOI, I really loved her ‘Irony’ stage the most. Our baby, Kang Mina, don’t let her baby face foo you, she’s a top contender. The reason why I love her the most is because she’s very honest and funny, all wrapped in one place. Just like me, she loves eating too lol. Finally, Kim Sohye. Sohye may be one of the most memorable participant, she is originally training to be an actress without any experience in dancing and singing, yet she managed to outwit the other 90 trainees and claimed her rightful spot in the top 11. Sohye showed lots of improvement, she definitely deserved her spot.


IOI is set to debut in May, hmm.. I’ll be looking forward to it! IOI Fighting!

I also wish the best for the rest of the trainees who participated in ‘Produce 101’, I hope everyone reaches their dream to become a singer and debut soon, PRODUCE 101 trainees fighting!


If you want to watch ‘PRODUCE 101’, here are the links: Click me!

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