[20160204] Its a double celebration for GFRIEND



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Wow! It happened again! Congratulations GFRIEND! I can say it all over and over again, I’m proud of you girls. Us, Buddies, we’ll always be here cheering and supporting you!

Here’s the third winning performance: (Doesn’t get old)

Considering the fact that they’ve won over top seniors thrice is already a great achievement! Will I see another win tomorrow after I got back home from school?

Another reason to celebrate? Well, today, Yuju and Eunha graduated from High School! Yuju and Eunha even graduated with achievement awards, wow our girls really are working hard even at school! Congratulations!

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Other notable idols that have graduated at The School of Performing Arts today are Seventeen’s DK, NCT’s Jaehyun, Lovelyz’ Soojeong, Oh My Girl’s Jiho and DIA’s Chaeyeon and Eunjin.

Again, Congratulations GFRIEND! Fighting!


video credits: vch / GFriend Central






Source Music’s 6 member girl group GFRIEND is the Best Rookie Girl Group of 2015! GFRIEND proved everyone that they’re not just a bunch of pretty faces, they’re talented and all are pros. GFRIEND might had a very rough start, from the nose job issues, to member SinB’s resemblance to Jessica (basically, some are saying she’s using the opportunity for attention), lip syncing and even Umji’s appearance shaming. These false accusations all vanished when GFRIEND exuded their hidden talents and their spirit of professionalism. GFRIEND once made international headlines when the group’s infamous ‘slipping on stage’ fancam went viral online, all the members, except leader Sowon slipped on stage, SinB had one bad fall while Yuju had 5 bad falls but kept performing. GFRIEND garnered praised for their act of professionalism.

GFRIEND’s music are no joke as well, even though a lot of netizens are criticizing them for not having singing talents except for the members Eunha and Yuju, GFRIEND’s songs are really worth listening to. My favorites are White, Glass Bead and Me Gustas Tu.

GFRIEND is prepping up for a January comeback, teasers are out and I’m really excited! I wish GFRIEND all the best.


Trailing really close to GFRIEND is JYP Entertainment’s newest girl group, TWICE. TWICE is a multi-national girl group, members are composed of Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese members. We all know that these girls battled it out at the survival program, SIXTEEN, just for them to debut.

Twice debuted with their hit track, “Like Ooh Aah”. When it was released on October, it went straight up to the charts, even today, their song is still going strong in various music charts. I actually liked their choreography, it matches every member well.

In my personal thoughts, member Tzuyu seemed to be following the same career path Miss A’s Suzy is going through, I hope this won’t overshadow the members. Tzuyu is currently in a controversy but I hope this doesn’t affect the group’s status. Members Nayeon, Jungyeon and Mina are all pretty, I think Mina is more likely to be my bias. I wish Twice all the best this year.


I was arguing with myself whether to place April, Oh My Girl or Lovelyz on the third spot, but in the end, it was April in the third spot for me.

April had a strong debut, there were so many expectations in the 6 member girl group of DSP Media. ‘Dream Candy’ did pretty well in the charts too, probably because of Chaewon and Somin’s fans from Baby Kara and Puretty. I was in love with the song as well.

Apparently, leader Somin left the group to pursue some other dream of hers. Leaving the 5 member APRIL behind. When April returned with ‘Muah’, it felt a little bit empty without Somin, Chaewon and Jinsol obviously did all the singing. April have good chances in surviving in this industry, I hope DSP Media would get back to their senses and promote their artists better. Kara had disbanded, Rainbow still needs to be promoted as they are not yet established well enough, AJAX too. I wish APRIL all the best and please give Yena real singing lines, she just had a two-syllable line in the entire song with ‘Muah’, the “Omo”. She’s a member not a back-up dancer. APRIL FIGHTING!

Notable Nominees:

  • Lovelyz
  • Oh My Girl
  • CLC
  • The Ark