[20160210] Whoo! The RAINBOW is about to rise



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today, I’ll be paying tribute to seven equally stunning ladies that are as beautiful and colorful as a rainbow, DSP Media’s ace girl group, Rainbow.

I’ve been a fan of kpop in 2009, Rainbow debuted 2009, I’ve learned about them in 2012 through their song ‘A’ which was released in 2010, yet, that song wasn’t enough for me to stan them although I became a fan. Then in Feb 13, 2013, ‘Tell Me Tell Me’ was released under their first Korean studio album ‘Rainbow Syndrome Pt.1’, I went gaga over them then. I really fell in love with Jisook. Then ‘Rainbow Syndrome Pt.2’ was released in June 2013 promoting their title track ‘Sunshine’. In 2013, it was all rainbows and butterflies for me, I was literally fed with good music, I guess if I am to give annual awards that year, I would give them ‘Cutest Song of the Year’, ‘Cutest Girl Group of the Year’, ‘Cutest stage outfits for a Girl Group of the Year’ and everything that you can think of just to give Rainbow acknowledgement and recognition for being cute and at the same time good singers.

Even though Rainbow is one of the legendary kpop groups for having been present in the industry for almost 7 years already, they are yet to claim the number 1 spot in music charts and music shows. Rainbow has produced so many hit songs in the past, yet, these songs aren’t enough to make then number 1. My personal faves are ‘Tell Me Tell Me’, ‘A’ and ‘Mach’. Well, ‘Sweet Dream’, ‘Black Swan’ and ‘To Me’ could be my sentimental faves.

So yeah, RAINBOW is coming back this month! I’m really excited about this comeback! It has been a year since they’ve promoted, the girls have worked so hard preparing for this come back, Hyunyoung even included her self composed songs. According to DSP Media ‘Whoo’, the title track, will be a fun song, somehow channeling ‘Tell Me Tell Me’ and ‘Sunshine’ days. Even though Rainbow tried to pull off the sexy concept, which is not really bad, I mean these girls are both cute and sexy and its good that they’re showing their different sides and colors as an artist. But yeah, I guess being cute suits and fits them well, specially Jisook and Hyunyoung.

Until now there aren’t any music video teasers yet, just pictures, so here you guys can have a taste of whats Rainbow is cooking for us this 15th..


Look at those shoes, wow, they’re representing their respective colors well. I’m loving Yoonhye’s styling. Woori was a little bit unnoticeable with blonde hair, but she’s very pretty. Hyunyoung’s cotton candy hair is so fluffy, looks good on her. Noeul finally found her best look, I think her hair suits her a lot. Seungah looking so elegant and sexy, definitely the one in charge of the s-line. Jaekyung, of course, the charismatic leader, looks fab as always. Then my baby Jisook, those curls are just so cute!


When DSP Media posted this picture, it said ‘Unit #1’, I was like “seriously? another unit”, then I noticed that these girls were actually representing the 3 primary colors, Blue, Yellow and Red.


‘Unit #2’, Then, I’m liking this unit more lol. Look at them, denim really makes them look sexy. Of course, the secondary colors, Purple, Orange and Green with the bonus, Indigo.

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Let us all support and cheer for Rainbow! Rainbow fighting!


Bonus: Jaekyung with her younger brother, N.Flying’s Jaehyun. This is their first performance as siblings, Jaehyun even sang lol.






The fans and supporters of iKON (Team B as we all loved before) have waited so long for these talented boys to debut, and they weren’t disappointed, not at all. iKON definitely claimed their spot in the Korean Music Industry. The boys started with so many controversies, good and bad, but, they proved everyone that their talents are more than enough to satisfy their ears and even their judgmental eyes.

Giving the fans a warm-up track, My Type was released. Living up to their song title, the song made every listener say, “This really is, My Type”. Then there came AIRPLANE and RHYTHM TA, songs that did not let the momentum fade. BI and Bobby were both clear stand outs in every song, I just hope they’d give Yunhyeong more lines, I really like his voice. One more thing, APOLOGY is such a great song! iKON is currently slaying 2016 with ‘What’s wrong’ and ‘Dumb&Dumber’ though.

In my personal thoughts, Junhoe’s voice reminds me so much of TOP, I hope Chanwoo sings more as well. Is Donghyuk the visual? I really think its Yunhyeong, my bias lol.


I’m going to rank this group second. Seventeen, Pledis’ newest addition to the Korean music industry. At first, I thought it would be a little difficult to handle too many members in a single group, but SEVENTEEN proved me wrong. Watching them on stage (YouTube) seemed normal, because I actually have this idea that they’d look crowded, but they looked composed and very appealing on stage which was very amazing.

I have to say, they have tons of visuals in this group as well. SEVENTEEN is currently in the spotlight so I hope the company could promote these talented boys well.


In third spot, Monsta X. As far as I see, Monsta X overshadowed rookie groups with the same concept that they’re offering the public. Even though Monsta X is Boyfriend’s young brother group, I might say, Monsta X could be a little bit better than Boyfriend. When they debuted, it gave me the GOT7 + Block B feels though. Between their released title tracks in 2015, I personally liked ‘Trespass’.

Monsta X seems promising, I hope all my expectations with this group will be somehow reached this 2016. Oh! member Minhyuk is funny and seemed like a bias to be. (not into Monsta X yet)

Notable nominees:

  • N.Flying
  • UP10TION