[20160529] Good Luck, AOA?



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today, I’ll be expressing my feelings towards AOA’s latest comeback with title track ‘Good Luck’.

Well, let’s watch the MV first before anything else.

Well, ever since AOA became popular with a sexy concept in ‘Miniskirt’, AOA have embraced the sexy concept very well. Like for me, I guess I wouldn’t find AOA appealing if they tried to pull off a cutie concept, although I liked AOA Cream’s Jelly Baby, I guess as a group it wouldn’t make a huge impact.

This time, AOA came back with another sexy, yet much sexier than ever concept, the concept is so summerish with the ‘life guard’ outfits. At first, it was very refreshing, its like watching an AOA infused with SISTAR and SECRET, but all in all its still AOA caliber. Seolhyun and ChoA are both hot as ever, Chanmi too. But I wonder why this isn’t selling out well? Let’s get back to the times prior their comeback. First, Seolhyun, she had been doing pretty well by herself, back to back endorsement deals and tv show appearances. But, despite her individual success, she’s also surrounded by multiple controversies, for example her fake butt etc. which is only a minor case. But, when she and Jimin got into a controversy regarding their illiteracy in Korea’s history, netizens are in rage for their alleged ignorance. Wait, I guess that’s it, there’s no more controversy? But how come AOA is being hated? just for that? oh c’mon!

Anyway, here’s another reason why I guess people are hating on AOA, but for me, this is definitely not in a way AOA’s mistake. Their no.1 win in Music Bank’s May 27 episode.

The girls were announce the week’s no.1, when in fact, they’re just in the second rank and TWICE is the original winner. Twice’s fans noticed the error in the ranking system, a reason for them to call-out KBS and boycout for their embarrassing error on national tv, humiliating both AOA and Twice. KBS seems to have not moved on from Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe 2015 mistake lol. Well, even though KBS said they’re not going to take away AOA’s physical trophy, its still embarrassing and a bit off that they’re going to keep something which is not truly theirs. KBS should get it together, whoever is in charge in the ranking system, ‘Dude, that’s your only job, can’t you do it right?’


Because of this, AOA had to wrap up promotions, when they only promoted for two weeks. This is such a waste for FNC Entertainment. Well, I guess, they chose the wrong period of coming back, they could have let AOA’s issues fade away first besides AOA Cream didn’t did well either.

Anyway, I’m a fan of AOA no matter what, I feel bad for them that they need to go through this, its really humiliating. Well, I just wish next comeback AOA would redeem themselves big time, I hope they slay so hard, they’d slap their haters to the face so hard! AOA fighting!


[20160408] BTOB snags 3rd trophy for ‘Remember That’ in Music Bank



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today, BTOB won its third trophy for ‘Remember that’! Wooooh! Congratulations BTOB! You guys did really well today! Keep on winning more trophies, you guys deserve them all.


Their winning moment..

BTOB’s promise to melodies was fulfilled as well, you guys are the best! Congratulations! BTOB fighting! Melodies fighting!



Video credits: 周玉萍

[20160205] GFRIEND continues their winning streak at Music Bank



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Wow! It’s their fourth music show win! Congratulations GFRIEND! The question is, will they be able to sweep this week with continuous no.1 wins?

I just have to share this tho, Ryeowook was being playful when he didn’t let Yuju touched his hand lol, Yuju was cute when she was surprised lol.

Here are GFRIEND’s performances today:

It was refreshing isn’t it? thanks to Music Bank, we are be able to watch the girls perform their hits ‘Glass Bead’ and ‘Me Gustas Tu’ once again on a music show, another reason to be proud of is that, ‘Me Gustas Tu’ is still in Music Bank’s Top 10, it’s staying strong at the tenth spot. Too bad Sowon didn’t had the opportunity to sing in this live performance.

How was GFRIEND’s 4th winning performance? Wait, don’t, no need to say a word, its amazing. Well, anyway, here’s their winning moment..

Again, congratulations GFRIEND! Fighting!

P.S: I just noticed, LEGEND is always behind GFRIEND lol.


Video credits: vch / Skpb K-Music Live [KBS]