[20160407] BTOB takes home 2nd trophy for ‘Remember That’



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Wow! Today, even though my toothache is seriously tormenting me, I am just so happy that BTOB won at M! Countdown today! Wooooh! Congratulations BTOB!

Watch BTOB’s winning performance:

Winning performance indeed, here’s their winning moment..

Peniel and Sungjae kept flirting tho lol

Let us all wish for BTOB’s success in the future, BTOB fighting! Melodies fighting!


Video credits: Skpb K-Music Live / MPD

[20160331] BTOB Back Again!



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is the most awaited day for us MELODIES! BTOB is back again! Well, if you’ll look closely those boys are indeed BTOB, the outfits seemed to look like VIXX’ but the poses are definitely BTOB’s.

Anyway, before anything else.. I present to you.. B..TO..B…

Yeah yeah, people are pointing out that the outfits were very similar to VIXX’ Chained Up styling, well I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that tho. Going back, wow, ‘So Pretty’ is one of my favorite tracks in the 8th mini album, I’m really glad they promoted this as a side track. Peniel and Sungjae’s parts are so smooth, job well done.

As expected, their live vocals.. truly a force to reckon with. BTOB always prove that they have quality when it comes to singing. I just love Eunkwang and Changsub’s high note, got goosebumps. The boys definitely did well today, good job! BTOB FIGHTING!

PS: I am hoping for even a single win with this comeback lol, can we guys do that?

[20160204] Its a double celebration for GFRIEND



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Wow! It happened again! Congratulations GFRIEND! I can say it all over and over again, I’m proud of you girls. Us, Buddies, we’ll always be here cheering and supporting you!

Here’s the third winning performance: (Doesn’t get old)

Considering the fact that they’ve won over top seniors thrice is already a great achievement! Will I see another win tomorrow after I got back home from school?

Another reason to celebrate? Well, today, Yuju and Eunha graduated from High School! Yuju and Eunha even graduated with achievement awards, wow our girls really are working hard even at school! Congratulations!

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Other notable idols that have graduated at The School of Performing Arts today are Seventeen’s DK, NCT’s Jaehyun, Lovelyz’ Soojeong, Oh My Girl’s Jiho and DIA’s Chaeyeon and Eunjin.

Again, Congratulations GFRIEND! Fighting!


video credits: vch / GFriend Central

[20160204] WINNER comes back with a triple treat


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Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

WINNER really knows how to treat their fans, WINNER had a quite long hiatus, but the good news is that they are now showering their ‘Inner Circles’ with new great songs to catch up, catch up fast, making the fans’ definitely say that “its worth the wait”.

Now, these boys really knows how to have fun, which I can really say is a true YG caliber, marked by YG. YG artists are artists that really knows how to have fun on stage, enjoys performing and is good at making the audience jump and dance together with them. I liked Seunghoon and Seungyoon’s wardrobes the best! Among the three songs, I can say that this is my favorite. It gives you such a good boost!


Actually, Seunghoon’s pants ripped lol.

The fan chant is crazy! the boys are being received warmly, its very overwhelming. Well, I guess WINNER returned the favor with this feel good live performance. Taehyun’s vocal, seriously, he’s freaking good, no wonder my wife, Park Bom, loves him. Okay, lets not forget to mention the body wave, y’all Inner Circles happy now?

Mino, who told you wear that weird wig? HAHAHAHA lol. But no kidding, Mino went from a very sophisticated fine young man in ‘Baby Baby’, then suddenly to a long haired stereotypical western hip hop dude, definitely a 360° transformation. I must admit, Jinwoo really improved a lot.

Lets keep on showing lots of love and support for WINNER! Fighting!

[20160204] 4MINUTE bringing HATE with No Love



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

4MINUTE made a double comeback stage today at M! Countdown with their sub-track “No Love” and title track “Hate”.

First of all, I would like to point out these lines from the song that definitely made 4Minute’s kongrish look bad, MNET did a lil bit of an error in editing. The lines in the screen were “I’m sing it good bye”, which was actually “I’m singing it goodbye”, and “I don’t wanna ever loose”, which was actually “I don’t wanna ever lose”.

To be very honest, I’m not a fan of Sohyun’s styling, her hair reminded me so much of ‘Muzik’. Gayoon’s voice totally carried the performance all throughout the song, Jiyoon and HyunA’s rap were at its finest. Man! I’ve just praised Jihyun for her beauty in their HATE MV and wow, just wow, she looks so beautiful here, she’s definitely the visual of the group, and she had a few lines as well. Overall, the performance was nice.

4MINUTE IS SLAYING! HyunA definitely redeemed her visual spot in this live perf, sorry Jihyun, HyunA went from 10 to 100, real quick. Sohyun, had the perfect look best suited for her in this performance as well. Jihyun reminded me of ‘I My Me Mine’ era, while Gayoon and Jiyoon reminded me of ‘Heart to Heart’ Japanese era.

I would go easy on the since its their first comeback stage for ‘Hate’, but it was pretty obvious that they weren’t singing live, though I think Gayoon was, but other than her, the rest were just lip syncing. I know that during the first week of promotions, returning idols tend to lip sync since they’re still resting their voices from the recording and all the practices they had and what have you. Well, I’m just glad the girls have shown a great performance today.

Lets show more love and support for these girls, 4Minute fighting!