[20160703] WHY is Taeyeon is killing the game?



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Our Kid Leader Taengoo is back! After the success of ‘I’, Taeyeon came back with her second mini album, ‘Why’! The second mini album has seven tracks, one track even features my bias, Hyoyoen! Well, Taeyeon is my second bias in Girls’ Generation tho, so the featuring track is a nice gift from my girls.

Anyway, prior to the release of the second mini album, Taeyeon gave everyone a sneak peek of the album through ‘Starlight’ MV featuring Dean.

Well, even though I envy Dean a lot, I might say, he and Taeyeon has good chemistry. The song gives a nice and warm vibe as well.

Now, here’s for the main event, ‘Why’ Music Video!

I don’t know what to say, Taeyeon is so PERFECT! This music video is everything!

Well in fact, the live performance is so much better!

Look at her moves! She’s definitely killing the game! Too bad she’s just going to promote for a week, because our kid leader is preparing for her solo concert. But still, thank you for slaying, Kim Taeyeon!

Since I really love my fellow sones, I’ll be gifting you these free downloads.. But, of course, if given the chance, please do purchase Taeyeon’s album in the official music downloading sites and I guess its available on iTunes now!

Just click on the song title, this is a direct download!

01. Why *Title
02. Starlight (Feat. DEAN) *Title
03. Fashion
04. Hands on Me
05. Up & Down (Feat. 효연)
06. Good Thing
07. Night



[20160203] Taeyeon, dreaming in the RAIN



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

This 2016 probably is my year as a multi-fandom kpop fan, I’ve been blessed with so many eargasmic music that has been taking over my music playlist. Talking about music that gives eargasms, one top artist we all know shouldn’t be excluded in the list, yes, I’m talking about Girls’ Generation’s ace vocalist, Kim Taeyeon. Who haven’t fallen for her charms and sensational voice yet? Well, if you haven’t, you’re really missing out a lot of the good stuffs. Taeyeon definitely is the definition of good music.

Taeyeon probably had the busiest 2015, with the group’s back to back comebacks with ‘Party’ and ‘Lion Heart’, following her very successful solo debut with ‘I’, then ended the  year with TaeTiSeo’s Christmas Album promoting ‘Dear Santa’, Taeyeon’s voice was literally all around the place. But, us fans are all greedy, we wanted more, and yes, Taeyeon did not failed us. (Not to be misunderstood, ironically, I want our Taengoo to have enough rest too).

Taeyeon is back with a Digital Single ‘Rain’. Well, according to SM Entertainment, “‘Rain’ is a medium-tempo track with a jazzy and modern sound. With lyrics about longing for a past love, the song makes listeners enjoy the rainy day blues! Hope you enjoy her new single.” Together with the very beautiful ballad track ‘Rain’, another ballad track is included, called ‘Secret’.

Before I further talk about Taeyeon’s latest offering to her loving fans, watch the music video here:

As expected from SM Entertainment, their music video caliber is definitely with high and over the top standards, just by merely watching, you can really get into the emotions Taeyeon was trying to exude. At first, Taeyeon’s haircut was a no for me,but when I saw the teaser images, I was like “she looks like a fairy, a goddess”. About the song, can I just out it to a one word description?, “PERFECTION”. Taeyeon has done it again, no doubt she’s definitely a force to reckon with. ‘RAIN’ achieved a perfect all-kill, ‘SECRET’ charted as well. The music video had exceeded 1.2 million views in less than 21 hours.

I just have to point this out tho, I don’t know what with SM Entertainment’s marketing strategy these days, promoting Taeyeon and Super Junior’s Ryeowook at the same time as solo acts are a little bit risky. Considering the fact that its very obvious that Taeyeon has a higher chance to come out successful, Taeyeon is very overrated, which is not a bad thing, but still, she is very overrated, I’m worried about her overshadowing Ryeowook.

At this very moment, Taeyeon’s ‘Rain’ is currently no.1 in MelOn, Mnet, Bugs, Olleh Music, Soribada, Genie, Naver and Monkey3’s real time charts. Currently no.1 in Bugs daily chart. So far, GFRIEND is still leading over all according to instiz chart, but, only in a very little amount of percentage, that is why I believe Taeyeon would be no.1 in no time.

Ow! Here are some of Taeyeon’s jacket images for ‘Rain’.

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Please show Taeyeon lots of love and support! Taeyeon fighting!

You can download it here:

(These are both direct links, upon clicking, the song will be downloaded right away.)

Or, purchase it officially at iTunes and Smart Music : “TAEYEON RAIN DOWNLOAD”




Girls Generation First Photobook

[20151119] Will it be Park Bom or Kim Taeyeon?


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Well today, I have nothing much to say tho. So I just wanted to share this, a very good friend of mine, a classmate, my Anjh noona gave me this which I really appreciate. She knows me very well, she knows how to cheer me up, she even had it with my favorite color green.

Shout-out to Anjh noona! 너무너무 감사해요~ You really know how to make me smile, you even gave me double heart attack with Bommie and Taeng’s picture! Thank you so much, I really do appreciate it, not only by making me smile, but also by making an effort to make me feel good because of the past few day’s happenings, 안즈누나 사랑해용!

At this rate, imma wrap it up! See you!