[20160115] Farewell, Kara.



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Earlier this year, Kamilias all over the world were shocked by the disbandment rumors surrounding DSP Media’s ace girl group, Kara. It was then confirmed that the three original members Hara, Seungyeon and Gyuri’s contracts were to end soon. Until earlier today, DSP Media confirmed KARA’s disbandment following the expiry of Hara, Seungyeon and Gyuri’s contracts. According to DSP Media, the three girls which they’ve housed for more than 10 years decided to walk into a different career path, but, the big question is, “What would happen to the group’s newest member, Youngji?”.

Exactly two years ago, January 15 2014, past members Nicole and Jiyoung left the group to pursue another career. Jiyoung became an actress while Nicole debuted as a solo artist. Because of that, DSP Media came up with a survival program, ‘Project Kara’. Through this competition, the best among seven notable trainees will debut as the newest member of Kara, which was later on succeeded by Heo Youngji. Youngji then debuted with Kara through the mini album, Day & Night and title track “Mamma Mia” on August 2014. Kara then continued promoting in Japan through their 4th Japanese tour with their 5th album, ‘Girl’s Story’. Then, their 7th and last mini album, “In Love” was released on May 2015 with the title track “Cupid”. Well, I think this should be enough for a little recap.

To be very honest, KARA is a kpop legend. Kara debuted on 2007, they were one of Hallyu’s representatives. I became a fan of Kara on 2011 through their song ‘Lupin’. (even though Lupin was released on 2010). Seungyeon is my bias, I always loved her smile, her voice and her lady-like aura. I even watched their drama series, “Secret Love”, without being biased, Seungyeon’s story was the best, her acting was the best as well. If I were to rank the five episodes it would be Seungyeon, Hara, Gyuri, Jiyoung then Nicole’s. Kara were one of the best performers in the Korean entertainment industry, the members were very versatile, they were good singers, good dancers and they can act as well. That is why I really think that this would be a downfall for DSP Media, leaving Rainbow, A-JAX and newest group April which are needed to promoted in pure effort badly, don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of Rainbow and April as well but lets accept the fact that these groups including A-JAX has still a long way to go.

As for Heo Youngji, I can’t deny that at first I was doubting that it could be Youngji, the one who would save Kara, which of course faced decline because of Nicole and Jiyoung’s departure. But then I got to know Youngji, I freaking fell for her instantly, she was so natural, she could drive people nuts with her talent, her undeniably perfect visuals, the damn girl can sing as well! ow, and don’t forget her mute laugh. Heo Youngji killed it. She even became a big bias wrecker, for a moment I converted my attention from Seungyeon to her. Then Youngji joined Roommate, it was the best decision DSP Media made ever since KARA’s decline. Lets be honest within ourselves, Youngji’s bickering moments with GOT7’s Jackson were one of the reasons why we stayed and continued to watch Roommate, it was a factor, isn’t it? Youngji then became noticeable to Korean public, she received so much love. But now, since Kara had already disbanded, what would happen to our favorite girl, Youngji?

Apparently, according to DSP Media, Youngji will stay as their artist and they would help her shine even brighter, would help her become the best artist she could be and finally, she’ll debut as a solo artist.

Lemme share these feel good songs from Kara:

The best dance choreography ever!

Kara made member line up change twice, which was your favorite line-up?



To be very honest my favorite line-up was the last one with Youngji. Over the years, if I were to rank the best songs Kara had produced it would be Mamma Mia, Pandora, Cupid, Lupin, Mister, Step, Jumping, Wanna, First Love (Gyuri and Seungyeon duet) and Seungyeon’s Guilty. Now, I can no longer wait for another song to come out, I just need to listen and cherish these songs as long as I can. I will surely miss these girls, I wish them the best, I will support them on whatever they’re planning to do in order to enrich their careers and their desire for betterment. Goodbye for now, I love you, Kara.


[20151116] Tada! My first post! 내 첫 번째 게시물이에요!



Hey Guys,

This is Kenneth.

Born and raised in the Philippines on July 13th 1994, so basically I am now 21 years old. I am currently a 3rd year student of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Pulilan Campus taking up Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship.

I opened this personal blog so that I can be able to convey my feelings, thoughts and ideas I have in mind. To be honest, I am not that really good with such things but I’m here to explore the things that I can possibly do.

Hmm.. I guess, I have to tell a little bit more something about myself huh?

Kenneth is an alien, when I say alien, it means that the stuffs I do sometimes are out of this world that annoys other people lol. I love eating (well, who doesn’t), I love green stuffs (don’t get me wrong) my favorite color is green, hmm I’m a bit narcissistic (well, I love myself), I’m an active leader in our campus and I have represented our campus in various events/programs already, the Class President (in our class) and the acting Student Council President of the campus (there isn’t actually a formal election or stuff, our Director actually appointed me when I was in first year lol), during my free time I enjoy playing Clash of Clans, and most of all, I LOVE KPOP!

If we are going to talk about KPOP, I guess this post will not be enough. I’ve been a kpop fan ever since 2009, it started when I heard the news about my first love Sandara Park, I heard that she debuted in Korea as part of the girl group 2NE1. I have loved Dara ever since her SCQ days in the Philippines that is why I was so happy to learn about her new found career in her own nation, South Korea. The first 2NE1 song I’ve heard was “Lollipop” with BIGBANG, followed by the very addictive tracks Fire and I Don’t Care then the rest is history.

Today, I can really call myself a multi-fandom type of a kpop fan. After discovering 2NE1, it opened a lot of doors in the kpop industry for me, I couldn’t even remember when I started being a fan of other kpop groups that I’m into nowadays. After 2NE1 in 2009, there came a very similar talented group that just like 2NE1 I’ve started rooting for them even before they debuted, that group is BTOB. There are a lot of talented groups in Kpop but until now even if others may disagree, I would say that for me 2NE1 and BTOB is in the same level, same level of charisma, talent and they just both overflow with this feeling I can’t even explain by words. Until today, even if I’m loving so many groups now, only 2NE1 and BTOB had that impression for me.

Should I at least enumerate all the Kpop groups I’m a fan of? First, those whom have complete songs in my playlist, in the first tier 2NE1 and BTOB! I have all of their songs, pre-debut songs and even if they’re just featured in a song, my biases are Park Bom (I miss you Bommie!) and Peniel respectively.

Second tier, Girls’ Generation, biases are Hyoyeon and Taeyeon. AOA, bias is ChoA, VIXX, bias is Ken.

Third tier, BIGBANG, bias is Seungri, 4Minute, bias is Jiyoon, BEAST, bias is Hyunseung, APINK, bias is Bomi, EXO, biases are Baekhyun and D.O, Rainbow bias is Jisook, KARA, bias is Seungyeon.

Fourth tier, RaNia, bias is Alex, G-FRIEND, bias is Yuju, C-Clown, bias is Ray (too bad they disbanded), Girls Day, bias is Minah, WINNER, bias is Jinwoo, Orange Caramel, bias is Raina, GOT7, bias is Yugyeom (Happy Birthday Yugyeom!), F(x), bias is Luna, Dal Shabet, bias is Woohee, EXID, bias is Hyerin

Fifth tier, Miss A bias is Fei, DMTN, bias is Jeesu, APRIL, bias is Yena, LEGEND, bias is Jaehyuk, SISTAR, bias is Dasom, Red Velvet, bias is Joy, SHINee, bias is Jonghyun, Ladies Code, bias is Rise (rest in peace, my angel)

Special mentions: 9Muses, Noh Jihoon, G.NA, IU, Lee Hi, Joo, N-White, Spica, Hello Venus, Ailee, Tiny-G, Chocolat, U-Kiss, Secret, T-ARA, Playback, Twice, SKarf, CNBLUE, Gummy, BTS, NU’EST, Eric Nam, SE7EN, Wonder Girls, Davichi, Jewelry, Tablo, F-VE Dolls, G.I and Akdong Musician.

Can you guys even imagine how many songs I have in my playlist? lol. Anyway, I’ve been writing my first post for like 2 hours though HAHAHA.

Hmm.. at this rate, I think I’ve been talking for so long already so I’ll be ending my first post with this closing commemoration quote from me, “speak without judging, think with understanding”.

See you again!