[20160817] IOI Sub-Unit!



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Well, I’ve already relayed my thoughts in this sub-unit venture before, some of my expectations were reached and some were not, so I’m still saying this is a so so, but because I really love these girls, I’m still buying it.

Anyway, I can’t help it tho, I have to call this picture out.


Seriously? What are they trying to do with these lovely girls? And they’re telling me they’re pulling out a girl crush concept. Seriously? with this? Nah, I don’t know.

Anyway, I was a bit glad it was changed to this..


Even though it screams ‘SEXY’, the company is still insisting that the concept is ‘Girl Crush’, well yes, the concept is girl crush, even the song’s interpretation says so, but why would you let these girls wear something made with leather? Look at those poses as well, it really is misleading, the company couldn’t blame us fans. Well, despite the fact that a lot of people are claiming that IOI is pulling off a sexy concept, I’m still remembering them from ‘Dream Girls’, from girl to badass ladies, real quick!

Anyway, guys, you be the judge..

I’m loving the thumbnail tho, its my girl, Chungha with Yoojung.

Hmm.. the song is strong, its definitely leaving listeners a strong impression. In my case, I kinda needed to listen to it for quite a few more times just for me to realize how good the song is. One more thing to note, Chungha deserved all the adlibs, Pinky is a good vocalist but her voice is rather weak in songs like this, I think if not Chungha, Yoojung could have nailed it. Another thing, Somi’s high note, I don’t know why they had to give that so Somi, that part sounded off for me. Well since this is my blog and this is my opinion, I have to be very honest and very objective, I love Somi but that shouldn’t have been hers. The dance, well, Chungha and Yoojung slayed the dance. I’m starting to get tired of seeing all Somi do everything, she’s always overshadowing the other members, specially Sohye. Poor Sohye, I’m just glad she has always been humble and the ‘Idol Syndrome’ still hasn’t gotten into her yet.

Even the thumbnail for the comeback stage is Somi, solely Somi. I really do love you Somi, I really do, but girl, give yourself a break, people are starting to label you ‘attention whore’, and I don’t want to see that in you as well.

Sighs… good thing Chungha is always here to save the day. To be honest, sexy or girl crush, Chungha is a clear fit. Well, I’m not being bias at all, Chungha, Nayoung, Doyeon and Yoojung can pull this concept anytime of the day.

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oops, wait not that one..


Good thing there’s Chungha.

Anyway, I think they’ve just been given a not so good song in my ears which has failed to reach my expectations, but despite of that, they are doing pretty well. As of today, they’ve won two no.1 song of the day through MTV The Show and MBC Show Champion.


Congratulations, girls! IOI Fighting!

[20160618] My thoughts about IOI’s latest sub-unit venture



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

I’ve been a big fan of Produce 101, making me a huge supporter of the final members, IOI. Now that their debut promotions ended, the girls are going to promote as a sub-unit. Since Sejung and Mina are both set to debut in their original girl group, Gugudan, and Chaeyeon started promoting with DIA, what’s in store for IOI? Tada! A sub-unit!

Okay so here’s the sub-unit line up, Im Nayoung, Kim Chungha, Zhou Jieqiong, Kim Sohye, Choi Yoojung, Kim Doyeon and Jeon Somi. IOI has 11 members, 3 left to promote with their original groups, 7 are part of the sub-unit, where is the other 1? Which member is missing? The talented main vocalist, Yoo Yeunjung.

Yes, you guys read it right, Yeunjung is not part of the sub-unit, for what reason? I don’t know. They said she’ll be returning to Starship Entertainment to train more, say what? To be honest, Yeunjung is not even in my bias list, but seriously? Why would they forsake her, when in fact, she’s the best singer in the group. Now don’t even say she lacks dancing skills, she’s not a bad dancer after all. I just think this is so unfair for Yeunjung, what could be the possible reason? Probably her past issue about her trying to steal the center position, which is obviously not too valid, they even edited the video and removed some of her screen time. I don’t understand knetizens to be honest, Yeunjung fought for her spot in IOI, for her to be able to debut, and now they’re making her train again? I mean yes, since she’s still a trainee but under the circumstances, she already debuted, and for her to gain more experience as a singer, as an idol, she needs to be exposed in the business. Kim Chungha is my bias, I think this will do her good, I think she’s the third best vocalist next to Sejung and Yeunjung, the sub-unit will be a good opportunity for her vocals to shine, but still, forsaking Yeunjung is really unfair. I feel bad for Yeunjung, I really do.


No, Yeunjung, just relax, you don’t need to shoot these haters.


Yes, yes, that’s right, kill them with kindness. Don’t worry, for now, Chungha will do all the singing for you.. just relax and return with a better image, enough to slap all your haters.


Chungha be like, “Yes, Yeunjungie, relax, I got this”


Always be happy Yeunjung, always wear that smile.. we’ll be waiting for you..


[20160608] In my most fair and honest opinion, IOI’s Beauty Ranking



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Well, to be honest, all of the members are pretty, they have their own charm and this ranking of mine doesn’t mean a thing, this is purely my opinion.

#11 Choi Yoojung


I love this girl, she’s charismatic and all, she’s cute but her visuals isn’t over the top. But then, you can’t doubt this girl’s skills, she’s one of IOI’s aces.

#10 Kang Mina


It was a hard decision, I kept thinking if she should be 9th or 10th tho. Anyway, Mina has this certain charm that made her unique, she has a bubbly personality as well. She’s definitely cute, but not yet in the pretty level.

#9 Kim Sohye


Talking about improvements, this girl definitely improved a lot. From a crybaby to a make them cry, baby! Sohye is very cute, but just like Mina, she’s not yet in the pretty level.

#8 Yoo Yunjung


Yunjung is a mixture of cute and pretty, she have cute and pretty angles. Needs to work on her styling tho. Her vocals is over the top already, needs to focus on her styling.

#7 Im Nayoung


Nayoung is a top beauty, but there is something in her that needs to have improvement. Hmm, I guess her facial expressions. Besides that, she’s perfect, her round eyes and face gave good compromise.

#6 Kim Doyeon


She is an exotic beauty, a true model type. Doyeon is pretty, she’s tall and her proportions is no joke.

#5 Kim Chungha


The sexy diva of IOI, her body was a total consolation of her beautiful small and rounded face, it made her almost a real goddess. Chungha is very charismatic, her aura is exceeding. For me, she’s like a younger version of HyunA, might be an upgrade too!

#4 Jung Chaeyeon


Although there are rumors that she’s not a natural beauty, Chaeyeon’s appearance can’t be disregarded. She has a sweet angelic face, her face looks so warm. Definitely, one of IOI’s visual line.

#3 Zhou Jieqiong (Pinky)


Being the only non-Korean member of IOI (Somi is a halfer), Pinky’s beauty is definitely over the top, her porcelain skin is a bomb. Her small face makes her more beautiful and radiant.

#2 Jeon Somi


Somi definitely is a beauty, judging by her aura, she exudes a foreign actress beauty. Somi’s beauty can’t be ignored, she was definitely born to be a celebrity.

#1 Kim Sejeong


Korea’s Emma Stone. Damn, Sejeong is definitely a pretty face to watch out for, definitely an eye-candy. Her natural beauty is one of her assets, her smile makes her face more radiant. I couldn’t describe her more, she’s almost perfect.


So that’s my very honest opinion, anyway, IOI members are all pretty, no doubt.

[20160507] April vs. Twice vs. Lovelyz vs. IOI



Hey guys,

Today, I’ll be talking about a back to back to back to back girl group battle! Who are our heroins for today? It’ll be DSP’s maknae girl group APRIL, Produce 101’s IOI, JYP’s fierce girl group TWICE and Woollim’s fresh girl group LOVELYZ. These girl groups happened to have promoted at the same time! Its going to be a fierce battle, but, in terms of the charts, TWICE emerged to be on top. But, since I am here to talk about these beautiful girls, I would be disregarding their standing in the music charts. Shall we begin then?

First up, we have APRIL.

To be honest, by far, this is the most amazing song APRIL had released. The entire album is fantastic, I loved every single song in their second mini album ‘Spring’, specially ‘눈을 뜨면’ (When I Open My Eyes).

The title song, ‘Tinkerbell’ is very catchy, the music is very fresh and alive, I loved how my baby, Yena, got lines, she got real singing LINES! She’s even the center. Their live outfits are cute as well, they really looked like real fairies, specially Yena with her hair.

I really like how they match the color green so well. Actually, Korean netizens said that APRIL chose a wrong time to have a comeback because of a very stiff competition, they’re actually competing with VIXX, APink’s Eunji, IOI and Twice which are all battling for the number 1 spot. Well, these netizens are right this time, ‘Tinkerbell’ is a very cute and warm song, perfect for spring. I just wish APRIL success in the coming years.

Here’s a glimpse of my bias, Yena the squirrel.

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Here comes IOI!

Its not surprising how IOI really became an instant hit after the success of Produce 101. These girls have worked so hard just to debut and reach this far, and what do you know, its actually paying off! IOI is doing pretty well these days, tv and radio appearances, commercials, etc. Now about the song, ‘Dream Girls’, which actually matched them perfectly! The song was really made for them! Although IOI is set to disband after 10 months, I’m pretty sure these girls will leave a huge impact in the kpop industry.

In their first mini album, I really liked ‘Doo Wap’ and ‘똑 똑 똑’. Their vocals are just so fine, it could always put me to sleep, that level of calmness and warmness. Anyway, I just want to give a shout-out to IOI’s choreographer, I felt bad for Yunjung because she only stood in the center once, she was deprived of the spotlight because of her previous issue regarding her stealing the spotlight from the actual centers, I felt bad for her. Nevertheless, the song is good.

Their live performance is magical! It felt like I’m watching a group of cotton candies dancing tho, they’re that cute and sweet.

Make way for my bias, Chungchung baby (Chungha)

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Stop thinking once, you better think TWICE!

First of all, I want to congratulate TWICE for the success ‘Cheer Up’ has been achieving lately, continue to slay TWICE! The girls are so pretty as well, I cannot handle my feels. Don’t forget Sana’s ‘shy shy shy’.

Now, about the song and the dance, I would like to give only compliments to this song, the beat is so catchy, the dance is so amazing, their vocals are still powerful and cute at the same time, good job JYP!

Their stage outfits are really pretty too! TWICE is doing pretty well, they deserve it. Keep it up, Twice!

Here’s my precious baby, Mina.

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Last, but definitely not the least, Lovelyz!

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed because I was expecting an upgrade from ‘Ah-choo’ and ‘For You’, it took me sometime to appreciate the song. But hey, its Lovelyz anyway! Too bad, just like APRIL, Lovelyz came back in a wrong time.

As expected, their dancing skills are still perfect and very sync. Mijoo actually got even prettier. The constant thing about these girls is that their stage outfits are always creative, kudos to the coordi noona as well! Go go go Lovelyz!

My angel, Kei.

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So yeah, its a tough decision, but I still made one. For me..

1st : APRIL – Tinkerbell

2nd : TWICE – Cheer Up

3rd : IOI – Dream Girls

4th : Lovelyz – Destiny

Well, this is my personal thoughts tho. Anyway, all these girl groups are the best!