[20160717] How did KBS World TV made me so upset?



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today, I am sending my concern to KBS World TV.

I am such a big fan of KBS World TV’s YouTube Channel because they have always included English subtitles in every upload, I am a huge fan of ‘Hello Counselor’ in particular. I have always followed every episode, its one of the things I look forward to every week. But, the latest revamp on the YouTube channel broke my heart.



The last episode that I’ve seen was Episode 280.

The next day, it was Wednesday, I saw 4 new videos from KBS World TV’s channel. I was like, “Oh! okay, so they decided to upload it by concern”, probably they’re trying to increase view counts, I don’t know. So, did that solved the problem? well, almost. So I’ve watched these separate videos, only to find out that the concerns are not finished, the entire running time per concern didn’t even ended, the score and winner is not even announced, I don’t even know the chronological order of the concerns.

Man, it has been two weeks since KBS World TV did this, I’m still sad because it caused me a good program I’ve always loved to watch.

Please, KBS, make the video available in my country, the Philippines. Or if not, please make the separate videos finish properly, I’m begging you.

[20160327] Finally, I caught up!



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today, I was finally able to catch up with all of the previous episodes of ‘Hello Counselor’ that I wasn’t able to watch because of my very busy and hectic schedule these past few weeks. In fact, the last episode I’ve seen was the ‘Seol Special’ episode, but today, I am really glad I’ve finished watching all the episodes I’ve missed.

For me, Hello Counselor doesn’t just give aid to those who send concerns, but to the viewers as well. Because its like I’m meeting new and different kinds of people, I am learning and acquiring so many things, be it a lesson in life, a philosophy or just a simple, nice and sweet gesture. Its very calming to watch as well, my mind is at peace every time, I may laugh hard sometimes, but this show really is for mending broken relationships, and I love the thought and idea of that.

Its even more fun to watch because Yuju and ShinB are guests in this episode. Anyway, I was really affected by the second concern, I really think that love starts from the family, she must have had a hard time, I feel so bad for her. I hope her family treats her well now.

Even though there isn’t a single idol in this episode, this episode was really fun to watch. The first concern was really cute, a grandma is a huge fan of wrestling lol, she even memorized the names of the foreign wrestlers. The second concern was really alarming, the husband is really really really mean, no women deserves the way he treats his wife, its pure inhumane, good thing this concern won. The last concern is very nice, a man of justice lol.


The first concern came from a teenager who is having a hard time enjoying his life because his parents are obliging him to watch over their businesses, he looks like an idol tho. Second concern came from a wife who is suffering because of her very clingy husband, this concern won. The third concern is crazy hahahaha

Since its Monday tomorrow, another episode will be up soon, I’m very excited and looking forward to it!


[20160128] Hello Counselor!


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

These past few days, I’ve been addicted to KBS’ Hello Counselor. The format of the program is very nice, to be honest if this is a program in my country, the Philippines, I guess the concerned people would really be aggressive (not generalizing tho). Anyway, this program may give you good laughter, excitement (in terms of romance matters), it may surprise you big time and give you good cries as well, specially when the concerns of these concerned people gets too emotional and hits you straight in the heart.

I’ve been watching Hello Counselor before but only when an idol comes out as a guess, that’s the only time I get to watch it. Today, I can really say I’m addicted to watching it. Sadly, I couldn’t watch the very first episode up to the very recent one because it has been airing for quite a long time already. For now, I’ll be watching the episodes I haven’t watched.

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite episodes so far..

This was the last episode from last year, 2015. It featured Secret’s Jieun, Roy Kim, Laboum’s Solbin and Yulhee. The reason why this episode is memorable for me, its because one of the concerns was about a very devoted fan of GFRIEND. He’s crazy to be very honest, I wouldn’t do the stuffs he did even if I could as well, he’s a true fan, no doubt. But seriously? who would fool his parents for money just to buy an expensive camera, albums (multiple number of the same album) and expensive gifts for GFRIEND, to top it all, he skips classes. In my surprise, GFRIEND came, I guess he felt he was in heaven that moment lol. I hope he changed tho, after all, GFRIEND didn’t want him to be that way too.

This episode is crazy! one of the best episodes! I had fun watching the auction, from the die hard Apink’s Hayoung’s fans, to the surprising cases of past guests and of course the items for bidding. To be honest most of the items were sold way too cheap from its actual prices, I’m still butt hurting for that DSLR camera which was sold for like 45% its original price. The one that touched me the most was the grandfather whom suddenly raised his bid when apparently the guy whom wanted to buy the item ran out of money happened to be his son. I recommend you guys to watch this as well!

By far this the best episode! The victory of the stubborn grandpa wasn’t surprising at all. He was very stubborn even in the studio! I’m really laughing hard whenever he raises his voice as if he’s fighting with somebody. Well, I must say the grandpa is good in explaining, but, I really felt bad for his wife I wanted to give her big hug, it must have been really hard for her. You guys should watch this!

KBS, I’m a fan. I’ll be looking forward for more episodes!