[20160718] Who is YeoMaChinMoo?



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today, I’ll be sharing my recent addiction, Mamamoo and GFRIEND’s Showtime!

To be honest, even though I am very familiar with Mamamoo, I don’t really stan them unlike GFRIEND. Mamamoo is equally talented, I like Solar, she even represents green in her group. Anyway, these groups are together for MBC Showtime’s 7th season, the previous seasons featured groups like EXO, Beast, Apink, Sistar, EXID and Infinite.


So yeah, since Showtime’s 7th season is an on going show, I really need to wait for a week just for a new episode to come out, subbing would add more days tho.

To date, there are already two episodes available and they’re both enjoyable. I am starting to like Mamamoo as well. As for GFRIEND, I’m loving them more and more, specially my babies Yuju and Umji.

I guess just by saying how it made me felt while watching isn’t enough, I guess you guys deserve to watch the available episodes as well..

The chicken made me feel hungry tho.

Anyway, since Episode 3 is days away, I’ll be patiently waiting.


Looking forward for more YeoMaChinMoo adventures, YeoMaChinMoo fighting!

video credits to: Mamamoo x GFriend Showtime Subs

[20160715] GFRIEND never fails to amaze me



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today, I’ll be spazzing about how fascinating GFRIEND really is.

We all know that GFRIEND is labeled as a ‘Monster Rookie’ despite coming from a not well known company, these girls’ talents really made them rise among the other rookies from their generation.

On Weekly Idol’s Episode 236, GFRIEND danced to their hit song ‘Rough’ by double the speed. The girls managed to pull it off successfully, other idols started to remake their ‘double the speed’ stint everywhere, GFRIEND just made another trend then.

This is ‘Rough’ 2x speed version..

This time around, at Weekly Idol’s Episode 259, while the girls came to promote their newest title track ‘Navillera’ at the show, they performed ‘Navillera’ at 2x speed! But, not only that, the girls also performed their previous hit songs, ‘Glass Bead’ and ‘Me Gustas Tu’ at double speed as well!

As you guys have seen, even the falling lapel didn’t stop Yerin, these girls really have kept “The show must go on” well in their heads. Anyway, something fell from SinB as well, I think the earpiece was hanging while she was dancing tho.

Its very obvious that the girls are a bit tired, Sowon’s lapel also fell off, but still, continued dancing. Eunha bumping into Umji was no problem as she continued right away. Baby Umji fixing her shoes because of the little opportunity lol.

Well, I felt bad for Umji here, the baby really looked tired and exhausted, but still continued as if it was her last performance. (clap clap clap Umji-ya!)

I just wanted to wish GFRIEND all the best, they ‘slay’ already so I won’t hope them to slay more. My girls Yuju and Umji fighting, GFRIEND Fighting!

[20160711] GFRIEND is back with NAVILLERA!



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

GFRIEND is finally back with their first studio album, ‘LOL’. The album is a feel good album with various GFRIEND flavors, the girls had experimented with multiple music genres for this album! It has 12 tracks, which are all food for the ears. The girls’ concept this time for the title track ‘너 그리고 나’ (NAVILLERA) is a bit of a retro-ish, but still had the GFRIEND caliber. The girls tried reggae with their track ‘Distance’, ‘Water Flower’ has a rock vibe, ‘Mermaid’ is a pop ballad which was inspired by Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’. ‘Sunshine’ is an R&B song with electronic rhythm and acoustic piano harmony, while ‘Compas’ is in the house music genre. ‘Click’ is a medium-tempo pop song, and is in the style of 1990’s American pop music. The girls also tried a dubstep song through ‘Gone with the Wind’.

Now let us all watch the MV..

As you guys can see, the girls really gave off that retro-ish vibe in this music video. Now, about the song title, ‘NAVILLERA’. Basically, since the title had really no language origin, I made quite a few research about it, and I’ve seen a statement saying that the concept of the song was inspired by a French novel, ” Le Papillon Des Étoiles ” which means, ‘The butterfly of the stars’. Well, after finding out about the story of the novel, I’m guessing NAVILLERA means, 나비’NABI’ (Korean term for butterfly) + 레라 ‘RELA’ (Probably from ‘Cinderella’), this is just my personal thought tho.

Well, the MV is not enough, here’s the comeback stage!


Anyway, the girls definitely improved aesthetically. I’m loving Eunha’s look, she definitely owned this era, her short hair really fit her. My girl, Yuju, she’s the best, no words for this girl. Yerin, still the same bubbly chicken from the very beginning. SinB is lovely, her hair suits her as well. Umji baby, she’s literally a baby, such a cutiepie, as for our leader, Sowon, her beauty is exceptional.


In my honest opinion, they gave SinB more lines tho, but in all fairness, SinB deserved these lines, but I was hoping Umji could get quite a few more lines tho, Sowon too, but still, I’m loving this comeback.


These girls had a very good start, the title track is doing well in the charts, but, is it enough to replicate ‘Rough’s’ success? Well, I hope if they couldn’t repeat their success, I hope they’d exceed more than what they have done before. I hope these girls could fly even more higher! GFRIEND FIGHTING!

Note: I made this post on July 12, so I included the comeback stage at MTV The Show.

[20160214] Miracles happened on Valentine’s Day



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

A miracle happened on Valentine’s Day! Wow! Yuju is my bias in GFRIEND and Sungjae is my second bias in BTOB, that is why I’m really happy about this collaboration stage

Here’s the historic special stage:

I just don’t like the thumbnail picture SBS Inkigayo had used, look at Sungjae’s face, it seemed like he’s just doing a troll face lol.Well, Yuju had been really vocal about how she wanted to have a duet with Sungjae ever since, and now it happened. They are pretty good, aren’t they?

Another funny thing is that, when you search ‘Sungjae Yuju’ on google, my picture would appear lol.


Anyway, I’m extra happy today because Taeyeon is no.1 on today’s SBS Inkigayo, too bad she didn’t perform.

Congratulations, Taeyeon! Wow you won on Valentine’s day, that’s extra special!


[20160205] What’s with GFRIEND’s Yuju and BTOB’s Sungjae?



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

As a mutli-fandom kpop fan, I rarely have die hard OTP ships, although I do have a few, I don’t go delulu over them. My title might be misleading, but, that’s not what you guys think it is.

Since BTOB is my favorite male group, and GFRIEND is my favorite act these days, I think having a collaboration stage would be very nice. Well, I think 2016 has been very nice to me, because, Sungjae and Yuju will be having a Valentines Day special performance!


Yuju is my bias in GFRIEND, that is why I guess, as a male fan, I’m very particular with her. While in BTOB, Sungjae is my second favorite member, next to Peniel, I even ship these two, ‘PenJae’. Anyway, both groups are in the spotlight these days, that is why I think a lot of fans and even non-fans are looking forward to their Valentines Day special stage.

Oh yes! Actually, Yuju said in a radio broadcast that she wanted to have a duet with ‘Sungjae’ when she was asked which singer does she likes to have a duet with.

Yuju:  “I want to do a duet with Sungjae.  I recently recorded with him for a Valentine’s special.  We’ve always been acquainted, so I think it’d be good if we did a duet.”

Well, I’m not really sure if Yuju is saying that to promote their upcoming performance or she really wanted to have a duet with Sungjae ever since or what have you. Well, for me, both are lucky to be performing with each other, I mean, this is a great opportunity for the both of them as singers.

Anyway, you can skip the video at 30:38 mark, that is when Yuju was asked which singer she likes to have a duet with. Then, at 33:33 mark, that is when Yuju was explaining why she chose Sungjae.

Honestly, I’m really looking forward for their performance, it will be happening exactly on Valentines Day lol. Lets show them both lots of love and support! Fighting!

video credits: vch


[20160205] GFRIEND continues their winning streak at Music Bank



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Wow! It’s their fourth music show win! Congratulations GFRIEND! The question is, will they be able to sweep this week with continuous no.1 wins?

I just have to share this tho, Ryeowook was being playful when he didn’t let Yuju touched his hand lol, Yuju was cute when she was surprised lol.

Here are GFRIEND’s performances today:

It was refreshing isn’t it? thanks to Music Bank, we are be able to watch the girls perform their hits ‘Glass Bead’ and ‘Me Gustas Tu’ once again on a music show, another reason to be proud of is that, ‘Me Gustas Tu’ is still in Music Bank’s Top 10, it’s staying strong at the tenth spot. Too bad Sowon didn’t had the opportunity to sing in this live performance.

How was GFRIEND’s 4th winning performance? Wait, don’t, no need to say a word, its amazing. Well, anyway, here’s their winning moment..

Again, congratulations GFRIEND! Fighting!

P.S: I just noticed, LEGEND is always behind GFRIEND lol.


Video credits: vch / Skpb K-Music Live [KBS]

[20160204] Its a double celebration for GFRIEND



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Wow! It happened again! Congratulations GFRIEND! I can say it all over and over again, I’m proud of you girls. Us, Buddies, we’ll always be here cheering and supporting you!

Here’s the third winning performance: (Doesn’t get old)

Considering the fact that they’ve won over top seniors thrice is already a great achievement! Will I see another win tomorrow after I got back home from school?

Another reason to celebrate? Well, today, Yuju and Eunha graduated from High School! Yuju and Eunha even graduated with achievement awards, wow our girls really are working hard even at school! Congratulations!

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Other notable idols that have graduated at The School of Performing Arts today are Seventeen’s DK, NCT’s Jaehyun, Lovelyz’ Soojeong, Oh My Girl’s Jiho and DIA’s Chaeyeon and Eunjin.

Again, Congratulations GFRIEND! Fighting!


video credits: vch / GFriend Central