[20151210] The Ate, Noona, Older Sister I’ve always wished to have



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is by far the longest day of the week for me and my entire class. Our class started 9:00am, good thing our Professor didn’t consume his three hours period. Anyway, we were scheduled to have our preliminary exam in Business Math today as well. Apparently, I left something really essential for the exam so I needed to get it at home and while at it, I had lunch at home. Upon arriving at the campus only few of my classmates were inside the room, then noona came in.

Em Noona is someone I really trust and look up to among all my classmates, she treats me as her younger brother that is why I treat her as an older sister. So usually whenever we have conversations, it is me who always needed her advice on things I find hard to decide with, I always seek for her insights and suggestions. Because for a reason, I know she would give me good and rational ideas. But today, it was different, I have always seen her as a very independent and empowered woman, that with all her experience I knew life wouldn’t be that difficult for her, but I was wrong. We’ve talked about serious matters, it was about her seemed to be a start of her unrequited love. She was sharing me her story as if I am mature enough to understand everything, even though I do understand it. The feeling was very overwhelming in some way because in my mind I had this thought, “sometimes even the strongest of the strongest buildings would collapse and fall when its pillars are already damaged.” I actually felt bad about myself because our conversation made her cry and remember everything she was trying to forget. I was about to cry, but I was holding it in. I want her to have that moment. I couldn’t write the things she have told me here, for her privacy. But I’m really sure that whoever hears her story, you will really feel her love and fear at the same time, I couldn’t describe it in words but seriously while we were talking I just wanted to somehow make her feel good, even though I know she is also doing such for herself, I wanted to tell her that there are a lot of things to be happy and thankful for everyday, Em noona taught be that, I just want her to know that she is one of the many people I remember whenever I’m feeling down, she is one of the many people whom have somehow influenced me on how I view things. She would always tell me “just think positive and make the best out of everything, because everything depends on how a person see and take things.”

While writing this I’m getting a lil bit emotional, not because I can relate or what, to be honest if people would know her story I guess they can just say that such stories only happen in dramas, in movies and the likes. But seriously, if you could just put your feet in her shoes, you would feel the pain with her, for her. I hugged noona, because I think thats the only thing I can do for now, I can include prayers tho. But still, I guess I couldn’t comfort her to the extent that she’d be okay after but I hope the sincerity and respect I have shown gave her day a boost.

Noona! Just like what I have told you earlier, you are one of the strongest person I’ve ever met. I know in time, you will surpass everything, you deserve to be happy, you will be happy. One more, always keep in mind, just like what you always tell me, tell everybody “just think positive!”. Noona, fighting! Love love. ~xoxo

P.S – We had preliminary exam for Mathematics of Investment today, got so many hella papers to check tho. ㅠ.ㅠ

At this rate, I’ll be wrapping this up! See you!

[20151209] Make right decisions, be happy about it



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Wednesday has always been a boring day but apparently, there are so many things that had actually happened today.

So basically, our class every Wednesday starts at 1:00pm. But, our professor requested us to come at 2:30pm instead, and so we did. Actually we have dance rehearsals 7:00am but my entire body was sore so I wasn’t be able to attend. Anyway, back to our class earlier, so yeah we were at the campus as early as 1:00pm and waited for our professor only to find out that he got into a minor accident but would still attend the class and asked us to wait for him until 6:00pm, and again we waited for him (half of the class left already though). So yeah, he did arrived 6:00pm. When he sat down, he just read a few articles (because its a law subject) and like after 20-30 minutes he dismissed the class lol. Amazing huh?

Tonight, I also watched “A Second Chance”. It was a very nice movie, but I was looking forward for more stuffs in the end like what happened to their firm after? what happened to the project calamity-proof thingy. If I were to rate the movie from 1-10, I will give it a 7.9.

And another, the reason why I used the picture above is because I am so proud of her. She’s such a good friend of mine, a very very very good one. Even before we became classmates, she was one of the first ones who talked to me prior to enrollment, she even asked for my number and searched for me at facebook. She calls me “Pinya” (Pineapple) because of my hairstyle. She had just shared me one of the toughest decisions in her life that she had made, hands down to her bravery. Always remember this my dear friend, Princess, no matter what you choose in life, I will always be here to support you as long as it makes you happy. I love you! I’m gonna miss you when you’re gone. I wish you happiness, live well my friend.

At this rate, I’ll be wrapping up. Bye!

[20151202] Its D-Day!



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is the Day! Well, honestly it was supposed to be yesterday but our schedule got messed up so yeah. Anyway, so aside from moving the day of the trip, just like what we have planned, everything went good and smooth.

The day before, I actually found it hard to sleep (well, just like always but still) maybe I was really excited? so yeah. We had an agreement that whoever comes late, will have to pay like P50 and will receive a solid hit lol. I prepared a lil bit early but I decided to take some pictures first HAHAHA but then Katrina suddenly came so we both took pictures first HAHAHAHA.

Here are the pictures tho..

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we both looked cute, aren’t we?

After getting contended by the amount of pictures we took, we finally went off. We arrived like 2 minutes before the call time, pretty safe huh? After buying some snacks at the grocery, we finally went on the journey. So, the first ride was from Pulilan to Baliuag at the bus terminal.



The next trip was from the bus terminal to Cubao, the trip took us long, I think it was like 2 hours and a few minutes something so yeah. We were dropped off at GMA because we decided to go to SM MOA first, before we go to Star City because it only opens 4pm onward. We had lunch at Mang Inasal, of course, because of the very practical reason that they have unlimited rice promo. Oh! I just want to share this too, the entire place was full of gold and yellow because of the FEU vs. UST game which happened earlier. Anyway, after having lunch and stuffing our stomachs, we went around walking to sight-see, I just have to say, SM Mall of Asia is just so big nobody can tour around it in just a day.


We’ve been wandering around for like two and a half hours before we went to Star City. When we arrived, there were so many tourist buses around which was obviously denoting that there are students who were having their field trip as well. Actually, the line opened early, it opened like 3:20pm something, so we rushed to the ticket booths. The girls went out to buy drinks, so the three of us left went in front of three different booths so that whoever gets the chance to get a ticket first would buy the tickets for everyone. Apparently, I was the one who got attended first so I bought the tickets.


Behind us, you can actually see the amount of people buying tickets. Good thing is that we were actually the first ones in every booth lol. We got the tickets as early as possible, yet, the marshals had a little dance number so the people who were still buying tickets at the time got the chance to butt in the lines.

Then finally, we got inside!


I’ll be actually sharing a very short documentary of our journey in Star City at the very end of this entry. So please look forward to that! At this rate, I couldn’t even tell everything that has happened today, because there are so many things that I really want to remember and include here so that I will be able to reminisce them in the future. I will try my best to tell everything though.

So upon arriving, we went on to look for which ever ride is available, so first got into an indoor roller coaster, “The Blizzard”. Since it was our first ride today, it really gave us the drive to ride more. The first ride gave us good shouts to be honest. So after that, the second ride was an extreme ride, “The Star Flyer”. To be very very honest, I am really afraid of heights, my friends know that as well. So they kept on telling me I can do it, so I tried. The Star Flyer was so SICK! its CRAZY!


Can you even imagine how sick this ride is? You will actually flip 360 degrees left to right, up and down, side by side which is so crazy. I gathered every courage I have just to ride this thing. Apparently, after the very life risking ride, I managed to surpass. Although it was fun and refreshing, it really scared the shit out of me.

Then, the third ride was the I don’t remember the name but it was like a roller coaster with waters. So basically, you are riding a raft for two to three people with no safety equipment. (You will see it in the video, I wasn’t be able to take a decent picture because I might get wet lol)

Then, the last extreme ride, “The Star Frisbee”. It really looks promising, it seemed fun thinking about it, but it definitely is not. I actually have asthma so I was afraid that I might find it hard to breathe while riding it so I decided not to try it this time.


This is how it looks like, this thing actually rotates non-stop and swings 180 degrees. The funny this is that, after riding this thing, my friends all lost their eagerness and excitement, they said it was fun at first but went sick and scary af afterwards. After, we went to rest for a bit, since they all seemed tired after riding the star Frisbee. While they were resting, me and Jessa went on to the bumper cars which was hella fun as well! After resting for a while, we had our Dinner.

After having our dinner, that apparently had given us energy once again, we went on to try minor rides and attractions indoors. We had lots of fun, we went inside horror houses, kiddie houses etc. After having to get to visit every little spot in the amusement park, we went onto the bazaar to buy souvenirs for our other friends. After every little tiring things we have done inside, we decided to go home. Going home is another fun story to tell, everyone was exhausted and sleepy lol. When we arrived at the bus terminal and boarded on the bus, all of them just fell asleep lol. We actually reached home at around 12:11am. Unfortunately, there aren’t any Jeepneys available during that time so we needed the tricycle to take us all home. We actually have 9:00am class tomorrow though HAHHAHAHA

At this rate, I’ll be wrapping this up. Today is one of the happiest day of my life, thank you guys! Love you!

[20151118] I am not Jekyll and Hyde



Hey guys!

This is Kenneth.

Are you guys familiar with the story of Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll? Well me, at first, I thought it was some sort of an English word I didn’t actually know. I’ve encountered the words Jekyll and Hyde because of VIXX of course lol. So basically, Jekyll and Hyde is the manner of having dual personality, one aspect as being good and the other is bad, of course it was taken after the protagonist of Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde.

Anyway, today has been a very long day so shall I start now? Last night, I’ve been thinking about reconciling with those people whom seemed to have ill feelings towards me so I slept that night with so many good thoughts that might carry out the next day. So the next day, which is basically today, I went to school with a full smile and very bright mood. Since we had the meeting yesterday, of course, as the Class President, I had to relay everything we had discussed yesterday to the class.

I went in front with my Class Secretary, I was in good vibes, then I started discussing about our upcoming party and what have you. Then, I asked them whoever likes to participate in the class’ presentation for the party and I got a very few response, which was really by far rude. When somebody is discussing in front of you, you need to listen, yes, and of course if he or she is asking you about something, you should at least give em’ an answer right? I’ve asked them again, and again, and again.. at that rate, I asked my Class Vice President to accompany us in asking the class because I didn’t want to burst out of anger which isn’t good, but I did. How can these people be so rude? Without any ill-intentions, I started using rough words only for them to respond.

These people really doesn’t know how hard it is to be a Class Officer, a Class President. Not only that I am an officer to our class, but to the entire campus as well. I never told them that yesterday, when we had our meeting I had to stay at the campus until 6:30pm just to finish a report, I needed to comply to what I’ve been told to do before I could go home. I never told them that I used my own money every time I do something for the class, for their benefit, even if there are other important personal matters I needed to attend to. In fact, today I’ve submitted  letters of request to our director, another thing that would favor the class, aside from the letters, I also printed out a seat plan table which of course, came from my own money. I had sacrificed so many things for the class, I am not complaining nor giving them guilt feelings, I am just saying that no matter whats going on between you, be it a personal or non-personal matter you need to respect somebody, if not by their authority, at least because they’re still human beings.


When you’re feeling down, just try to look and see what’s beneath you. In that way, you can always say that you’re still above something.” – Kenneth Silvestre

In the first part of this post, I sounded really pissed off, which I really was. To be very honest, I felt like a pretty bad person during those times. I felt like there’s so much anger and hatred inside my heart that’s just waiting to burst, the Hyde side of me? lol.

Then came the afternoon, thanks to my friends whom stayed and listened to every rant I have said, ate our favorite foods together, talked about the things that made us excited to cheer me up, took pictures and just acted silly all throughout the day.


I don’t need many friends, just these genuine people would be more than enough. As expected, you guys brought out the best in me, the Jekyll in me. Thank you and I love you guys!


HAHAHAH!!! Being silly with mah brotha from anotha motha, Benj!

I’ll wrap it up, see you again!