[20161107] BTOB NEW MEN



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is such an amazing MONDAY for all the Melodies out there! BTOB just released their 9th Mini Album, ‘New Men’.

Well, you can tell by the album itself that BTOB is back as new men this come back! BTOB has been serenading fans with their healing songs, “Its Okay”, “Way Back Home” and “Remember That” since 2015. Honestly speaking, the ballad songs made BTOB rose to fame, they even got recognized for being good balladeers for their previous awards. Anyway, BTOB is a versatile idol group, they’re flexible artists and I know for a fact that they can pull this out effortlessly.

Without further ado, BTOB’s I’ll Be Your Man MV

In all honesty, I can say that this is the best comeback so far, I mean I love all of their songs, but this is GOLD! The concept, their appearance, their styling, the song, the music video.. everything is PERFECT! Cube finally spent money on BTOB! BTOB looked very expensive in this music video!

To be very honest, I usually say something about each member at this rate, but I just can’t, they are all fine! Well, I just love the fact that Peniel is being bold about his baldness this time, he’s bold and brave! Plus plus plus Peniel’s ENGLISH RAP! Okay, I’m bias.

Feed your eyes with these pictures of BTOB’s greatness!

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Ow! don’t forget how gorgeous ELKIE was!


So yeah, the 9th mini album has 7 tracks.

Track List:
02. 기도 (I`ll Be Your Man) *Title
03. 취해
04. 무료해 (콕 To Me)
05. Yes I Am
06. 놀러와
07. 예지앞사

I would recommend you guys all the songs because they are all amazing, of course given the fact that they are BTOB’s songs, guys, melodies, BTOB never fails to amaze remember that!

Anyway! Melodies! make sure to stream a lot, BTOB could really use of our powers, they’re against a lot of equally amazing groups this time around.. Twice, Blackpink and EXO-CBX.

For now, we’ll be waiting for the comeback stage and dance practice and the number 1 wins ceremony and the speech and everything! Congratulations BTOB! Good luck!

[20160611] BTOB is ready to love, in ‘LUV’ Music Video



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

BTOB just surprised everyone with the sudden release of LUV MV! Melodies, how are you all handling your feelings right now?

Watch the full music video here:

I’m speechless when I first watched the mv, BTOB really never fails to amaze me. They could just sing ballad every time, it definitely suits them more and more, even though I wanted them to release a dance track soon, I guess, I’ll be buying their ballads any time of the day. I guess I shouldn’t talk about how amazing their vocals are because they’re all consistent, uh, no, sorry, they’re inconsistent, because they keep on getting better and better.

I’ve tweeted all my rants tho..

I would also like to commend Hyunsik’s portrayal as the lead in this music video, our eye smile boy did a great job!

video credits : kissent2010

[20160408] BTOB snags 3rd trophy for ‘Remember That’ in Music Bank



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today, BTOB won its third trophy for ‘Remember that’! Wooooh! Congratulations BTOB! You guys did really well today! Keep on winning more trophies, you guys deserve them all.


Their winning moment..

BTOB’s promise to melodies was fulfilled as well, you guys are the best! Congratulations! BTOB fighting! Melodies fighting!



Video credits: 周玉萍

[20160407] BTOB takes home 2nd trophy for ‘Remember That’



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Wow! Today, even though my toothache is seriously tormenting me, I am just so happy that BTOB won at M! Countdown today! Wooooh! Congratulations BTOB!

Watch BTOB’s winning performance:

Winning performance indeed, here’s their winning moment..

Peniel and Sungjae kept flirting tho lol

Let us all wish for BTOB’s success in the future, BTOB fighting! Melodies fighting!


Video credits: Skpb K-Music Live / MPD

[20160406] Happy Birthday VIXX’ Ken + Congratulations BTOB!



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth!


Wow! I am really happy for you guys! This is the first time you guys won with all the members present, Sungjae must be so happy. Actually, I’m really having a hard time because of my toothache and this news actually made my day. I’m so happy that you guys harvested all of your hard works together this time, hope you guys keep on doing well.

Anyway, BTOB performed two songs today, ‘So Pretty’ and the title song ‘Remember That’, watch their winning performance.

They’re good, right? Now, watch their winning moment..

Look at how happy these boys were.. Sungjae, you never change at all. HAHAHAHA

Once again, Congratulations BTOB! Fighting!




My bias in VIXX is celebrating his birthday today! Happy Birthday Jaehwan-ah! Double celebration for me, right? VIXX fighting! Ken fighting!

[20160402] Is BTOB killing you, too?



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today’s song suggestion, BTOB’s ‘Killing Me’, not only that it has a very beautiful message, this song really is one of the best out of all BTOB’s numerous best tracks. This song is under BTOB’s recent release, the 8th Mini Album, ‘Remember That’.

This has gotta be my favorite line..

“Why did I love you if I was gonna hurt like this
Why do I do this when I’m hurting so much
You’re killing me oh every day I’m dying
I cannot breathe without you
So come to me oh you said you loved me
I can’t, for a single day,
Forget you”
Actually, all of the songs in the 8th Mini Album are all food for the ears, all are worth listening to. So, I suggest that you guys should go and listen to it, now!

[20160331] BTOB Back Again!



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is the most awaited day for us MELODIES! BTOB is back again! Well, if you’ll look closely those boys are indeed BTOB, the outfits seemed to look like VIXX’ but the poses are definitely BTOB’s.

Anyway, before anything else.. I present to you.. B..TO..B…

Yeah yeah, people are pointing out that the outfits were very similar to VIXX’ Chained Up styling, well I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that tho. Going back, wow, ‘So Pretty’ is one of my favorite tracks in the 8th mini album, I’m really glad they promoted this as a side track. Peniel and Sungjae’s parts are so smooth, job well done.

As expected, their live vocals.. truly a force to reckon with. BTOB always prove that they have quality when it comes to singing. I just love Eunkwang and Changsub’s high note, got goosebumps. The boys definitely did well today, good job! BTOB FIGHTING!

PS: I am hoping for even a single win with this comeback lol, can we guys do that?