[20160103] The city of pines, looking so fine



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today was the longest day ever, we woke up as early as 3:45am to prepare for our last day in Baguio City. People were saying that its really hard to take a shower in Baguio, but I really couldn’t last a single day without taking a bath so even though the others didn’t took a bath, I made a point to do so. The water actually felt nice tho, it wasn’t warm of course, it was really cold, but for me, it felt really nice when in dampened my skin. So yeah, we all got prepped and we’re ready for the day. We first went on to look for somewhere to have our breakfast, they had porridge in mind, so we looked for the nearest place where we can grab ‘lugaw’, and so we did saw one. Funny this is that, we all got excited upon seeing the sign of the place which says, ‘unli-lugaw’, excitedly, we immediately went inside, the place suddenly became crowded because of our presence, my aunts were anxiously choosing on the menu when the saleslady said that they only have eggs available, we were all like, “wtf? why are you even open then” lol. Anyway, our hungry tummies led us to a very familiar place, Jollibee. So we had breakfast at Jollibee instead, we were full of laughter while eating because of the military trainees passing by jogging, they all looked like running roll-on deodorants, but they’re really cute lol. After having breakfast and recharging, we went to continue our tour in the city of pines.


We first went to Mines View Park, the place was so nice, it was cold back there but I felt the warmth of the calming scenery the place had in stored for every tourist who comes and visit. I got to try ‘Strawberry taho’, well I hope locals wouldn’t hate on me if I say I didn’t like it, I’m not a fan of the original taho as well and I rarely drink one, the strawberry taho was a lil bit sour in my taste, and I don’t like sour stuffs so maybe that’s the reason why I didn’t liked it.

Then, we went to Wright Park to try horseback riding (I didn’t tried it tho lol) What I tried was to climb up the very high stairs back there, I actually thrown up when I reached the top, I even got a slight hit of asthma and found it hard to breathe for quite a few minutes so I rested for a while.


Then, we went back to Burnham Park. We tried the very popular boat ride, but apparently, we haven’t been gone on the water for like 10 minutes, me and my cousin Sarah wanted to get off the boat right away lol. I actually have fears of drowning because I almost got drowned once before, the water looks dirty as well, the boat was shaking a lot which made me scared of falling. We wandered around the place, walk, walk and more walking.

Then the next stop was a farm, it says there ‘BSU Farm’. There were so many beautiful things to look at, I’ve been always not a fan of strawberries but I have to say, the strawberry they had there was really good. They have a lot of souvenir stores in the farm as well so we went to buy stuffs there for us to take home and keep as memories. Then its lunch time, we went back to SM City Baguio to grab lunch at Greenwich.


Before heading back home to Pulilan, we visited ‘Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine’ in Pangasinan which was on the way home as well. We were all tired and we were just sleeping inside the van, we reached Pulilan like 7:00pm already though.

It was a very very memorable experience, if given the chance, I would love to visit the place again and hopefully not just for two days.

This has been Kenneth, see you!

[20160102] A sweet journey to the city of pines



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is possibly one of the most memorable day of my 21 years of existence, I have finally visited the city of pines, Baguio City (well, I’ve been there before though, but of course, I could barely remember)


This is me in Baguio with my Mom and Grandma when I was like 2 years old.

Anyway going back, today as soon as I finished helping my grandma with the laundry, my cousin, Ate Shine came to me and asked me if I wanted to come with them to Baguio. Well, I was hesitant at first because I thought she was joking, but apparently she wasn’t kidding at all. Ate Shine told me to prepare my stuffs for a two-day visit to Baguio, and so I rushed gearing up. We were set to leave for Baguio at 11:00am but since we were all excited preparing we left Pulilan at 12:20nn. Since its going to be a long trip, Ate Shine and her boyfriend went to the grocery to buy snacks and other essentials for our journey.


This is us, the back of vehicle team. We are very fortunate because all of the good stuffs were right by our side, we kept eating lol.


Since its a really long trip, we had a pit stop, La union. We stayed for like a few minutes there to retouch, pee and the likes.. let’s not forget to grab the opportunity to take a photo lol.


Then finally, we reached Baguio City! We arrived there at 5:30pm, so basically it took us 5 hours to reach the city of pines. Here’s a commemorative photo then, I look really really fat though.

Since we arrived in Baguio in the evening, we wandered around the city to look for a place to settle then a restaurant to have dinner. We lodged in at some of the inns at Teacher’s Camp, the place looks eerie to be very honest, there are so many ghost stories that has been circulating all over the place ever since that seemed real because of the place’s uncanny appearance. So yeah, after checking in inside the rooms and made quite a few retouches we went out again to look for a place to have dinner. We went to the city proper and searched for a ‘Mang Inasal’ outlet, of course, because of the unli-rice promo which was very necessary because of the tiring journey we did, we needed to recharge as much as we can. After having dinner, it was like 8:00pm that time so we went to Burnham Park to have a good walk and a little look to the wonderful city. Actually, some of the attractions were also available that time, but I guess it would be more exciting to do them during the day so we went to SM City Baguio for some refreshment. Apparently, we all got tired from all the walking we did and so we went back to our accommodations to rest and get ready for a full day the next day.

We rented two rooms, I shared the room with Lola Mely, Aunt Lodie, Uncle Bugs and my cousin Sarah. Sarah is a lil bit of scaredy-cat that is why she didn’t want us to turn off the lights, but the problem is that I can’t sleep with the lights on and without my eye-patch. Because of that, I used my socks as an eye-patch and waited for them to sleep so I could turn of the lights. I actually am a person who finds it hard to sleep at night specially whenever I’m not comfortable in my sleeping place, so I really need to do all of my rituals before I get a good night sleep.

It has been a long day, and it will be a longer one tomorrow so at this rate, I’ll be wrapping this up, see you!