[20160529] Good Luck, AOA?



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today, I’ll be expressing my feelings towards AOA’s latest comeback with title track ‘Good Luck’.

Well, let’s watch the MV first before anything else.

Well, ever since AOA became popular with a sexy concept in ‘Miniskirt’, AOA have embraced the sexy concept very well. Like for me, I guess I wouldn’t find AOA appealing if they tried to pull off a cutie concept, although I liked AOA Cream’s Jelly Baby, I guess as a group it wouldn’t make a huge impact.

This time, AOA came back with another sexy, yet much sexier than ever concept, the concept is so summerish with the ‘life guard’ outfits. At first, it was very refreshing, its like watching an AOA infused with SISTAR and SECRET, but all in all its still AOA caliber. Seolhyun and ChoA are both hot as ever, Chanmi too. But I wonder why this isn’t selling out well? Let’s get back to the times prior their comeback. First, Seolhyun, she had been doing pretty well by herself, back to back endorsement deals and tv show appearances. But, despite her individual success, she’s also surrounded by multiple controversies, for example her fake butt etc. which is only a minor case. But, when she and Jimin got into a controversy regarding their illiteracy in Korea’s history, netizens are in rage for their alleged ignorance. Wait, I guess that’s it, there’s no more controversy? But how come AOA is being hated? just for that? oh c’mon!

Anyway, here’s another reason why I guess people are hating on AOA, but for me, this is definitely not in a way AOA’s mistake. Their no.1 win in Music Bank’s May 27 episode.

The girls were announce the week’s no.1, when in fact, they’re just in the second rank and TWICE is the original winner. Twice’s fans noticed the error in the ranking system, a reason for them to call-out KBS and boycout for their embarrassing error on national tv, humiliating both AOA and Twice. KBS seems to have not moved on from Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe 2015 mistake lol. Well, even though KBS said they’re not going to take away AOA’s physical trophy, its still embarrassing and a bit off that they’re going to keep something which is not truly theirs. KBS should get it together, whoever is in charge in the ranking system, ‘Dude, that’s your only job, can’t you do it right?’


Because of this, AOA had to wrap up promotions, when they only promoted for two weeks. This is such a waste for FNC Entertainment. Well, I guess, they chose the wrong period of coming back, they could have let AOA’s issues fade away first besides AOA Cream didn’t did well either.

Anyway, I’m a fan of AOA no matter what, I feel bad for them that they need to go through this, its really humiliating. Well, I just wish next comeback AOA would redeem themselves big time, I hope they slay so hard, they’d slap their haters to the face so hard! AOA fighting!


[20120211] Scream for AOA Cream!



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

A few minutes ago FNC released AOA’s newest sub-unit, AOA Cream’s Music Video for their debut ‘질투 나요 BABY’ (I’m Jelly Baby).

So yeah, AOA Cream is AOA’s second sub unit, composed of members Chanmi, Hyejeong and Yuna. Well, ChoA is my bias in AOA, Chanmi is my second bias that is why I’m pretty happy about the fact that she’s part of AOA Cream. Well, Seolhyun is the only member from AOA whom haven’t promoted in a sub-unit under their group. AOA Black was composed of ChoA, Jimin, Mina, Yuna and Yookyung, yes, that means, Yuna is part of both sub-units. In my honest thoughts, if Yuna wasn’t part of this sub-unit and it would be Seolhyun, I guess, Hyejeong will do all the singing. Anyway, I’m actually glad that Chanmi had a spot in this sub-unit, but of course, since she’s a rapper, I guess I just need to be happy and contended with that full rap and a single singing line.

Without further ado, here’s the music video:

Talking about the music video, it was cutesy and all, very common. I guess, what set AOA Cream apart is the ‘Sailor Moon’ thingy concept, even though it could really remind you of Orange Caramel’s Magic Girl, this was a breath of fresh air, I think it could be a nice children’s show then lol. In the beginning of the MV you can hear ‘Heart Attack’ at the background, FNC’s way of promoting lol.

Hyejeong took the entire spotlight, with that cotton candy hair, she’s definitely slaying. Her vocals were really good, I can hear her clear. Yuna my dear, I really believe being sexy suits you the best, yet, I couldn’t deny the fact that you’re vocals are no joke, you owned it. Then there’s my girl, Chanmi, the first thing I noticed ever since the releasing of teaser images, I thought it could be better if Chanmi had lighter hair, because compared to Yuna and Hyejeong, Chanmi had dark colored hair. But, in some way, I think dark color suits her the best, I still can’t even get used to her orange hair during ‘Short Hair’ era.

All in all, AOA Cream’s ‘I’m Jelly Baby’ is a 7.5 out of 10. I hope the song would do well in the charts, I’m relying on the fans, these 3 are the most underrated members, specially Chanmi. I hope they would receive lots of love and support because I can really tell that they’ve prepared really well for this and they’ve exerted so many efforts as well.




P.S : I will update this post with a direct download link, please wait for that!

[20160112] KKMA 2015 BEST FEMALE GROUP





There is no doubt that Girls’ Generation owned 2015! With the release of Party on July, the girls officially came back and promoted as a group after Jessica’s departure in 2014. The success of Girls’ Generation with Party wasn’t short-lived, another hit song was released on August, Lion Heart. Leader, Taeyeon, had a very busy 2015 as well as she made her solo debut with ‘I’. As expected, Taeyeon swiped all the music charts and garnered the most no.1 wins on music shows. Sub-unit TTS, also showered sones with love when they released the ‘Christmas Special Album – Dear Santa’ just before the year ends.

P.S: Taeyeon had been the most busy member in 2015, she is preparing for another solo comeback this 2016 as well. Take care of your health my girls.

And the runners up were, EXID and SISTAR respectively.


EXID proved in 2015 that they are now one of the Hallyu Wave representatives. As we all know, EXID became a hot topic after Hani’s infamous fancam went viral, as of today, the fancam has 18 million hits on YouTube. Their hit song, ‘Up and Down’ which was originally released on August 2014 came to light late 2014 and early 2015, that is why EXID snagged their no.1 music program wins on January 2015. The girls did not let their hype went down, they released ‘Ah Yeah’ on April 2015, and as expected, the song made them reach the top it even got them their own program, EXID’s Showtime in July. EXID’s triple kill offering is, “Hot Pink”, released November 2015.

In my personal thoughts, I would say that EXID deserved the sudden recognition, they are versatile (even if it somehow doesn’t show through their title tracks which some netizens claimed that are very sounding alike, Solji and Hyerin are both good vocals) and each member are equally talented, though Junghwa needs to improve her singing a little bit more.


SISTAR came very close to EXID. Promotion wise, EXID over shadowed them. Musicality wise, SISTAR almost defeated Girls’ Generation and went miles ahead of EXID. But for me, SISTAR didn’t had too much attention this 2015. Hyorin in Unpretty Rapstar was not a good idea, yes she was on point at some point, but damn, she is one of Korea’s best vocalists ever why would she attempt on Hip-Hop? Soyou had a busy year though. I really liked ‘Shake it’, the music video, the choreography, the stage outfits and everything, but then again, they lacked promotion duration, they could have came up with another follow up song but they did not.

Notable nominees:

  • Red Velvet
  • AOA
  • Apink
  • Girls’ Day

[20151116] Tada! My first post! 내 첫 번째 게시물이에요!



Hey Guys,

This is Kenneth.

Born and raised in the Philippines on July 13th 1994, so basically I am now 21 years old. I am currently a 3rd year student of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Pulilan Campus taking up Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship.

I opened this personal blog so that I can be able to convey my feelings, thoughts and ideas I have in mind. To be honest, I am not that really good with such things but I’m here to explore the things that I can possibly do.

Hmm.. I guess, I have to tell a little bit more something about myself huh?

Kenneth is an alien, when I say alien, it means that the stuffs I do sometimes are out of this world that annoys other people lol. I love eating (well, who doesn’t), I love green stuffs (don’t get me wrong) my favorite color is green, hmm I’m a bit narcissistic (well, I love myself), I’m an active leader in our campus and I have represented our campus in various events/programs already, the Class President (in our class) and the acting Student Council President of the campus (there isn’t actually a formal election or stuff, our Director actually appointed me when I was in first year lol), during my free time I enjoy playing Clash of Clans, and most of all, I LOVE KPOP!

If we are going to talk about KPOP, I guess this post will not be enough. I’ve been a kpop fan ever since 2009, it started when I heard the news about my first love Sandara Park, I heard that she debuted in Korea as part of the girl group 2NE1. I have loved Dara ever since her SCQ days in the Philippines that is why I was so happy to learn about her new found career in her own nation, South Korea. The first 2NE1 song I’ve heard was “Lollipop” with BIGBANG, followed by the very addictive tracks Fire and I Don’t Care then the rest is history.

Today, I can really call myself a multi-fandom type of a kpop fan. After discovering 2NE1, it opened a lot of doors in the kpop industry for me, I couldn’t even remember when I started being a fan of other kpop groups that I’m into nowadays. After 2NE1 in 2009, there came a very similar talented group that just like 2NE1 I’ve started rooting for them even before they debuted, that group is BTOB. There are a lot of talented groups in Kpop but until now even if others may disagree, I would say that for me 2NE1 and BTOB is in the same level, same level of charisma, talent and they just both overflow with this feeling I can’t even explain by words. Until today, even if I’m loving so many groups now, only 2NE1 and BTOB had that impression for me.

Should I at least enumerate all the Kpop groups I’m a fan of? First, those whom have complete songs in my playlist, in the first tier 2NE1 and BTOB! I have all of their songs, pre-debut songs and even if they’re just featured in a song, my biases are Park Bom (I miss you Bommie!) and Peniel respectively.

Second tier, Girls’ Generation, biases are Hyoyeon and Taeyeon. AOA, bias is ChoA, VIXX, bias is Ken.

Third tier, BIGBANG, bias is Seungri, 4Minute, bias is Jiyoon, BEAST, bias is Hyunseung, APINK, bias is Bomi, EXO, biases are Baekhyun and D.O, Rainbow bias is Jisook, KARA, bias is Seungyeon.

Fourth tier, RaNia, bias is Alex, G-FRIEND, bias is Yuju, C-Clown, bias is Ray (too bad they disbanded), Girls Day, bias is Minah, WINNER, bias is Jinwoo, Orange Caramel, bias is Raina, GOT7, bias is Yugyeom (Happy Birthday Yugyeom!), F(x), bias is Luna, Dal Shabet, bias is Woohee, EXID, bias is Hyerin

Fifth tier, Miss A bias is Fei, DMTN, bias is Jeesu, APRIL, bias is Yena, LEGEND, bias is Jaehyuk, SISTAR, bias is Dasom, Red Velvet, bias is Joy, SHINee, bias is Jonghyun, Ladies Code, bias is Rise (rest in peace, my angel)

Special mentions: 9Muses, Noh Jihoon, G.NA, IU, Lee Hi, Joo, N-White, Spica, Hello Venus, Ailee, Tiny-G, Chocolat, U-Kiss, Secret, T-ARA, Playback, Twice, SKarf, CNBLUE, Gummy, BTS, NU’EST, Eric Nam, SE7EN, Wonder Girls, Davichi, Jewelry, Tablo, F-VE Dolls, G.I and Akdong Musician.

Can you guys even imagine how many songs I have in my playlist? lol. Anyway, I’ve been writing my first post for like 2 hours though HAHAHA.

Hmm.. at this rate, I think I’ve been talking for so long already so I’ll be ending my first post with this closing commemoration quote from me, “speak without judging, think with understanding”.

See you again!