[20170213] Grand Seminar


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is our grand seminar. I woke up early to prepare, and since I was busy these past few days I was really having lots of negative thoughts about this day, good thing I was able to pray it all out.

I was actually amazed by the venue, it was really beautiful. We definitely made a good choice in choosing that catering service.


When I first got inside, I was like, “Whoa, am I in a wedding or debut venue? Is this even a seminar?”. The place looks so good.

Sorry for my hands tho.


Can’t help myself to take pictures lol.


Anyway, I’m just thankful that we’re finally done with the seminars, but its not the highlight of this day..

This is..


Just kidding..

Here it is..


Right after our grand seminar, we had a meeting which turned into a prayer meeting.

I’m very thankful for the lives of these people, for their compassionate hearts for the lost. Lord, may You guard our hearts as we make disciples. Thank You!

This day had been just great! Thank you, Lord.

[20170212] SELFLESS Series : Chapter 2


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is my favorite day of the week, Sunday!


Today is the second series of ‘SELFLESS’.

‘Marriage in light of Christ’s relationship to the church’.

Ephesians 5:21-27

Marriage is an idea of God. Wisdom must govern in our lives.

  • Wives submit to your own husband

Submission is willing and glad obedience. It is the wives’ way to serve the Lord. The submission is like that of submission of the church to the Lord.

Men needs respect, mutual submission tames.

  • Husband love your wives.

Love here is self-giving for the welfare of the wife. The model, again is the love of Christ for the church.

Let Christ be the center of every marriages. The secret to a lasting marriage is having Christ as the center.

After the service, victory group!


After, Guia, Carla and I had lunch at Mcdonald’s. Then there’s Princess and Dianne, good thing I bought bff fries too! Princess and Dianne will be my classmates later at the ‘The Purple Book’ class.


Matchy matchy shoes.


The Purple Book class, session 1!


After the class, I went to see Carla and Guia. Guia and I are both going to attend the leaders’ meeting after the 5pm service. But, before that, we had a crazy hour taking crazy pictures, featuring Kuya Robert.


So yeah, we had the meeting at Mcdonald’s Plaridel.


Be in a relationship, with Jesus.

Eat + Pray + Word + Worship + Evangelism + Heart for the Lost + Discipleship = Relationship.

I thank the Lord for the lives of these amazing people, the fact that they’re very committed and compassionate in reaching out every campuses is very admirable! C’mon, Sirs, Madam’s.. I mean, Ates, Kuyas! 🙌😂

[20170211] The old is gone, the new has come


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.


Today is Victory Weekend Day 2!


The squad!


Had new friends too! Say hi to Princess and Dianne.


Sir Louie, my leader, I cannot thank you enough, thank you for your life. You are my inspiration.


To my Victory Weekend batch, congratulations to us! Let us all continue to walk through Jesus’ pathway. The Purple Book is next!


Just wow, just like yesterday, the experience was just great! I never felt this great all my life, Jesus is really making wonders in my life and I’m really excited to what He is about to do next.

Thank you Lord for this day.

[20170210] Victory Weekend kicks off!


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.


Sorry for the unnecessary picture tho.

Anyways, today is Friday! No youth service for me because its VICTORY WEEKEND!


Guia is such a nice friend, she accompanied me while I was preparing spiritually. Ow! She let me have isaw too, just what I needed.


Say hi to Godi, my classmate for today.


So yeah, about the experience today. Just wow! I can’t even put them to words. The ‘Power’ chapter was really powerful it brought me to tears. There is really nothing else left to say, Jesus is alive in me, that’s all I can say. I am a new creation, I am saved.


[20170209] Real Forgiveness


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is Thursday. Had one class today, it was a case study defense as well. Well, I got through it easily, I dunno, I’m really confident when it comes to public speaking, specially thru argumentation.


Fooling around with Rosalyn.


Since Samuel was not able to provide prizes from last week’s ice breaker, here are his powerful pens, powerful because I included some life verses with the pen.


Anyway, since its Thursday today, its prayer meeting day!


“Bear with each other and forgive one another, If any of you has a grievance against someone, forgive, as the Lord forgave you”. – Colossians 3:13

You will begin to heal when you let go of the painful past, forgive those who have sinned against you, forget so it might not haunt you. Forgiveness is of high value, yet, it costs us nothing.

I thank the Lord for the lives of these people, lets just continue to grow together. PUP Pulilan is for Jesus!

After the prayer meeting, Guia and I rushed to the ‘Worship Night’.


It has been a long but blessed day. Good night.

[20170208] Tour Guide Mister President


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

(I forgot to post this on my entry last Sunday)

Last Sunday, our campus director messaged me thru messenger, she was asking whether I am free on Monday so I asked her why. She then told me that we’ll be roaming around (her term was ‘gagala tayo’) then I asked her where, she then told me around Bulacan, then I said yes. Well, the thing is that I woke up late last Monday so I was not able to come with her.

But, today, I had no choice but to accompany her, good thing my friends Carla and Benj were with us. Lol



Anyway, the reason why she tagged us along with her is because she was working on her thesis and her topic was about cases from Bulacan’s District 1 Women’s Desks offices.

So yeah, had an early dinner too! Thanks, Ma’am!


[20170207] Start of something new?


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is Tuesday, got no classes tho.

Well, we had dance practice today so I still need to be at the campus. Had lunch first with these girls.


Today is Tanod Day tho!


Anyway, while waiting for the other members of the dance team to arrive, I took a few selfies at the library, it’s been a while since I took selfies tho so I made this one my new Facebook profile picture.


After practice groupfie.


Anyway, after the dance practice, we were able to meet for the prayer meeting on Thrusday as well. #HeartForTheLost pose.


After, Guia and I went to the center to attend a meeting for the youth service this Friday. I was actually on a fasting, but Guia bought me Buco Juice because I was really tired from practicing. Thank you, Guia!


So yeah, it was my first time attending the meeting for the leaders who are organizing the youth service, I am thankful that I was welcomed and was given opportunities to suggest some of my ideas too. Its just an amazing experience, laughed so hard whenever they fool around, they’re definitely fun to be with.


Anyway, the meeting ended late, 10pm I guess, going home was the difficult part now. In my case, at least 9pm in Pulilan, jeepneys are hardly available so I have to ride a tricycle that would cost me P120.00 when in jeepneys, it would only cost me P11.00. Fortunately, Kuya Robert offered to take me home, he’s an angel.

So yeah, it has been a very long day for me, but it was surely fun!