[20170216] Angel feels in every bite?


Hey guys,

Today is Thursday! Had a full day tho.

First, had a midterm exam at school this morning. After that, Carla and I went to see Kuya Eris and Ralph at Robinsons Pulilan because we’ll be filming a promotional video for the upcoming Big Event on the 24th.


Oops, a cameo role for me.


Don’t they look good together?


I actually remember one funny moment from earlier, there’s a scene where Carla needs to ride a jeepney, an actual one. So yeah, the thing is, we couldn’t just ask for the jeepneys to stop for us because we’re filming something, what we did was, since Carla really had to ride one, we told her to board in and just go down immediately after a few blocks and it was really epic!

Ow! The team behind the short film was co-incidentally wearing black, how cool is that?!


After the recording, Carla and I had to go back to the campus because of our prayer meeting..

After the prayer meeting, Guia and I went back to the center for a meeting. I was really starving then, thanks to Ate Liah for bringing donuts and chocolates, life saver!


Too bad we forgot to take pictures after the meeting because we ended a lil bit late. Thanks to Kuya Robert for making sure I get home safely!

PS. Thanks to Angel’s Burger lol

Even tho this had been a really long day, I definitely am blessed to have spent it with these people. Thank you, Jesus.


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