[20170214] Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is Tuesday, had one class. Ow! Its Valentine’s Day too!


Well, its just a normal day for me, not that I’m bitter because I’m single, but yeah, its a normal day, not even the RP government think it deserves to be a national holiday.

Thank you, Guia! You really do know what I like, green apple lollipop!


Anyway, after class today, we, the campus leaders had a meeting for our prayer meeting on Thursday. Ow! We had a few snacks too!



After the meeting, Carla, Guia and I went to the center because we will be having a meeting for the youth service this coming Friday.

Anyway, while we were walking, two kids gave Carla a heart balloon, which is so random because we were literally passing by and they stopped to hand over the balloon to Carla. Cute!


So yeah, we talked about stuffs, got excited about our plan to make a short film about falling in love. The video will be a promotional video for the Big Event on the 24th, about ‘Marriage’. Please look forward to the outcome, Angel’s Burger will be a sure hit! Lol.

Anyway, today is also Ate Lovely’s Birthday! Happy Birthday, Ate! Thank you for the super delicious spaghetti! We broke three plastic forks and the aluminum ladle almost broke, imagine how hard the spaghetti was. Nevertheless, it was really delicious!


Got home late again, good thing there’s still an available jeep when Carla and I got to Robinsons Pulilan. So yeah, all in all, my Valentine’s Day has been amazing!


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