[20170213] Grand Seminar


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is our grand seminar. I woke up early to prepare, and since I was busy these past few days I was really having lots of negative thoughts about this day, good thing I was able to pray it all out.

I was actually amazed by the venue, it was really beautiful. We definitely made a good choice in choosing that catering service.


When I first got inside, I was like, “Whoa, am I in a wedding or debut venue? Is this even a seminar?”. The place looks so good.

Sorry for my hands tho.


Can’t help myself to take pictures lol.


Anyway, I’m just thankful that we’re finally done with the seminars, but its not the highlight of this day..

This is..


Just kidding..

Here it is..


Right after our grand seminar, we had a meeting which turned into a prayer meeting.

I’m very thankful for the lives of these people, for their compassionate hearts for the lost. Lord, may You guard our hearts as we make disciples. Thank You!

This day had been just great! Thank you, Lord.


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