[20170212] SELFLESS Series : Chapter 2


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is my favorite day of the week, Sunday!


Today is the second series of ‘SELFLESS’.

‘Marriage in light of Christ’s relationship to the church’.

Ephesians 5:21-27

Marriage is an idea of God. Wisdom must govern in our lives.

  • Wives submit to your own husband

Submission is willing and glad obedience. It is the wives’ way to serve the Lord. The submission is like that of submission of the church to the Lord.

Men needs respect, mutual submission tames.

  • Husband love your wives.

Love here is self-giving for the welfare of the wife. The model, again is the love of Christ for the church.

Let Christ be the center of every marriages. The secret to a lasting marriage is having Christ as the center.

After the service, victory group!


After, Guia, Carla and I had lunch at Mcdonald’s. Then there’s Princess and Dianne, good thing I bought bff fries too! Princess and Dianne will be my classmates later at the ‘The Purple Book’ class.


Matchy matchy shoes.


The Purple Book class, session 1!


After the class, I went to see Carla and Guia. Guia and I are both going to attend the leaders’ meeting after the 5pm service. But, before that, we had a crazy hour taking crazy pictures, featuring Kuya Robert.


So yeah, we had the meeting at Mcdonald’s Plaridel.


Be in a relationship, with Jesus.

Eat + Pray + Word + Worship + Evangelism + Heart for the Lost + Discipleship = Relationship.

I thank the Lord for the lives of these amazing people, the fact that they’re very committed and compassionate in reaching out every campuses is very admirable! C’mon, Sirs, Madam’s.. I mean, Ates, Kuyas! 🙌😂


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