[20161226] IMO: BLACKPINK Ranking in Various Categories


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

So yeah, I’ve been supporting BLACKPINK ever since 2012, ever since YG said he’ll be debuting another girl group, there came rumors that they’ll be named ‘TLC-F’ and later on ‘Pink Punk’, but ended up being ‘BLACKPINK’, which I think is a good choice.


So yeah, today, I’ll be ranking the girls of BLACKPINK in various categories, but first, here’s BLACKPINK’s profile..


Stage Name: Jisoo (지수)
Birth Name: Kim Ji Soo (김지수)
Nickames: Chi Choo, Jichu
Position: Face Of The Group, Lead Vocalist
Birthday: January 3, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 162cm (5’3”)
Instagram (all members share 1 single account): @blackpinkofficial

Jisoo Facts:
– She trained for 5 years (2011 July).
– She can speak Korean and Chinese.
– According to Jennie (V Live App), Jisoo can’t speak English but she can understand it very well.
– She had a cameo appearance on KBS’s ‘PRODUCER’
– She acted in HISUHYUN’s ‘I’m Different’ MV.
– She appeared in different CFs such as SAMSONITE RED CF with Lee Minho (2015), Nikon 1 J5 CF (2015), SMART UNIFORM CF with iKON (2015), Angel Stone CF (2015), SMART UNIFORM CF with iKON (2016), LG Stylus2 CF (2016).
– Regarding food, she can eat almost everything (except organs XD), but she especially likes rice.
Jisoo’s ideal type: “A nice guy who is especially more caring for me.”


Stage Name: Jennie
Birth Name: Jennie Kim (제니김)
Nickname: Jendeuk
Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist
Birthday: January 16, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 163cm (5’4”)
Instagram (all members share 1 single account): @blackpinkofficial

Jennie Facts:
– She is fluent in Korean, Japanese, and English.
– She attended school in the Netherlands, and then she studied abroad in New Zealand at ACG Parnell College.
– She trained for 5 years 11 months (2010 August).
– She acted in G-Dragon’s ‘That XX’ MV.
– She was featured in BIG BANG G-Dragon’s ‘Black’, Lee Hi’s ‘Special’ and BIG BANG Seungri’s ‘GG Be’.
– She really likes milk flavored ice cream.
– She has 2 puppies, Kai and Kuma.
Jennie’s ideal type: someone who is a hard worker


Stage Name: ROSÉ
Birth Name: Park Chae Young (박채영)
English Name: Roseanne Park
Nickname: Rose, Rosie
Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Birthday: February 11, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: New Zealand
Height: 168cm (5’6”)
Instagram (all members share 1 single account): @blackpinkofficial

ROSÉ Facts:
– She is Korean, but she was born in New Zealand (according to Rose during V Line), and raised in Melbourne, Box Hill (Australia), where she attended Canterbury Girls Secondary College.
– She moved to Korea back in 2012. (according to Rose during Weekly Idol)
– She can speak Korean, English, Japanese.
– She trained for 4 years 2 months (2012 May).
– She appeared in G-Dragon’s ‘Without You’.
– She really likes Kimchi stew.
– Her hobbies are playing guitar and drawing.
Rose’s ideal type: Someone nice and genuine, with a good/ unique voice. She said there are many sunbaenims with great voices, but among them, Big Bang stand out.


Stage Name: Lisa
Birth Name: Lalisa Manoban (ลลิสา มโนบาล)
Nicknames: Lalice, Laliz, Pokpak
Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: March 27, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand
Height: 167cm (5’6”)
Instagram (all members share 1 single account): @blackpinkofficial

LISA Facts:
– She’s childhood friends with GOT7′s Bambam as they were both part of the dance crew We Zaa Cool. She was the only person accepted to YG in the YG Audition in Thailand 2010.
– She trained for 5 years 3 months (2011 April).
– She can speak Korean, English, Japanese, Thai.
– She acted in NONA9ON CF (2014 and 2015)
– She appeared in BIG BANG Taeyang’s ‘Ringa Linga’ MV.
– Her favorite food are French fries.
– Her Korean favorite dish is Gamjatang (spicy pork spine soup).
Lisa’s ideal type: She said she likes older guys. Of course, not someone who is way too old, but she said she thinks an older guy will be able to take care of her.

Special thanks to : KPOP Profiles

So yeah, let’s begin. Anyway, remember that this ranking is only based on my personal opinion.


#4 : Jisoo


I am very particular with dancers because I dance a lil bit as well. Jisoo just seems to lack that particular aura of a dancer, don’t get me wrong tho, Jisoo can dance, but her not so good dancing is overshadowed by the other members and its pretty obvious at times. But still, I am pretty sure Jisoo is getting better and better.

#3 Jennie


Jennie dances well, she can actually appeal herself on stage pretty well, its just that there are times when I can notice her slacking off the choreography. But anyway, her charisma is a total booster, she can win anytime of the day.

#2 Rosé


Rosé’s hips don’t lie, her hair don’t lie, her gaze don’t lie. Rosé is a dancing sex machine, her sways are making hearts flutter all around the place, she dance in perfection. So yeah, if you guys have seen their dance practice videos, you’ll definitely know what I mean.

Position: Lead Dancer

#1 Lisa


Nobody can’t deny the fact that this bombshell is the best dancer in the team! If you guys have watched their ‘BBHMM’ dance cover, Lisa didn’t just caught everyone’s attention with her blonde hair, she stole her hearts because of her fatal dance moves, she literally killed it! Lisa has always been the best dancer as she was also a former member of a dance team in Thailand with GOT7’s Bambam. So yeah, watch out for Lisa, she’ll definitely slay your faves.

Position: Main Dancer


#4 Lisa


Although Lisa took the crown for the best dancer, Lisa could possibly be ranked the least when it comes to vocal prowess, but don’t get your hopes high, Lisa is not a bad singer, she sang some lines in ‘STAY’ it wasn’t even mediocre level, its much better than that! If Lisa wasn’t in BLACKPINK, she could have passed as a lead vocal in another group. Well, being the dancer and a rapper, I guess Lisa needs to work on her vocals more, and when that happens, she’ll be the ultimate idol!

Position: Sub-Vocalist

#3 Jisoo


Yes, I know, Jisoo is the lead vocalist, but sometimes, her vocals gets a little bit weak. I guess, partly, its YG’s fault, they keep on giving Jennie lines, which I think could be better if given to Jisoo as she is the lead vocalist. But still, I know Jisoo can get better and better.

Position: Lead Vocalist

#2 Jennie


I am proud of Jennie, seriously. Jennie can sing pretty well even though she is the main rapper. Well, Jennie overshadowed Jisoo a lil bit because YG kept giving Jennie vocal lines and Jennie slays them!

Position: Vocalist

#1 Rosé


I’m in love with this girl! Rosé’s vocals are definitely no joke! Should I even tell the reasons why Rosé is the best vocalist? This girl can even play the guitars while singing! I just love the tone of her voice, its pretty unique, even though there aren’t any resemblance nor obvious similarity, Rosé reminds me so much of Park Bom, both are great singers that’s what I’m certain tho. Rosé is the team’s SLAM IDOL! She can dance and sing perfectly!

Position: Main Vocalist


#4 Jisoo


I really didn’t want to put Jisoo on the 4th spot because I haven’t seen her rap or anything. But still, Jisoo is a diamond waiting to be polished.

#3 Rosé


I’ve seen Rosé rap, it was good she has talent, she can rap and she’s very versatile.

#2 Lisa


Lisa is no doubt one of BLACKPINK’s rap representative! Her rap part in ‘Playing with Fire’ is indeed like FIRE! Her blonde hair adds up to her burning charisma as a badass rapper!

Position: Lead Rapper

#1 Jennie


Jennie is a monster on stage! Her charisma is a force to reckon with. I know CL is the baddest female, but damn, can Jennie be the baddest female next to CL? She can definitely own that title too! Whenever she raps, she slays! Watch out for Jennie, she could petrify you on stage!

Position: Main Rapper


#4 Lisa


I know a lot of people would disagree, but yeah, I am placing Lisa last. Don’t get me wrong, Lisa is definitely beautiful, but, there’s really something in her that doesn’t really gets me drawn to her for quite a long time.

(UPDATE: Lisa made it to TC Candler’s 100 Most Beautiful Faces at #41)

#3 Jennie


Jennie is very charismatic nobody could ever deny, but I guess her ‘Resting bitch face’ gives her this impression that doesn’t really grow on me. But then again, Jennie is very beautiful!

(UPDATE: Jennie made it to TC Candler’s 100 Most Beautiful Faces at #22)

#2 Rosé


The thing I like about Rosé is that, she doesn’t really try so hard to look beautiful, I am pretty sure that her visuals are very underrated but damn, she is a goddess! Lately, there had been so many articles about her, netizens are praising her for her beauty, her natural beauty, her pre-debut pictures surfaced the internet and the responses are all good. Sooner or later, Rosé will bloom full and you will all be slayed!

#1 Jisoo


Even before debut, Jisoo garnered attention for her visuals, her beauty is very effortless. Even though Jisoo is the oldest member in the team, her beauty makes her look young and fresh. Well, nobody can say the fact that Jisoo is just a pretty face because she is equally talented!

Position: Face of the Group


#4 Lisa


Lisa is definitely cute, but according to her she isn’t really fond of doing aegyo. But Lisa, believe me, try doing it more, even though us fans loves seeing you powerful on stage we would love to see more of your aegyo sometimes.

#3 Jisoo


Jisoo is known for having so many aegyo, but her members say that she does the weirdest aegyos ever. Well, Jisoo just keep on doing that, you’re definitely cute!

#2 Jennie


Even though we all know Jennie as the team’s badass rapper, she definitely has lots of aegyo! you can even google her snaps with so many cute filters! I guess Jennie just couldn’t live without the SNOW app. Well, its good to see her enjoy herself though taking cute pictures, MAJOR FANSERVICE! Anyway, you just have to see her at running man, she’s freaking adorable!

#1 Rosé


Even through her normal talk, Rosé oftens do aegyo which is very cute. If you have seen her at weekly idol, you would just want to pinch her because of her adorableness which is definitely undeniable. Rosé is so fluffy and squishy! Because of that, she takes home the crown for the Best Aegyo!


BEST in CF/Advertisement

I ranked this one based on how I think their pictures can persuade me to try whatever they’re endorsing.



#4 Jennie



Jennie is just too hot for these cutesy stuffs. Lol

#3 Lisa



Lisa looks like a supermodel. I prefer seeing her in fashion shows or in fashion magazines.

#2 Rosé



Rosé looks so regal and classy. If I was a woman, I’d hit that!

#1 Jisoo



Okay! Jisoo! How much is that! You take home the crown for the best endorser!

The Sexiest Member!

They are sexy because there are so many ways to define sexiness, but this is how I define it..

#4 Jisoo


#3 Lisa


#2 Jennie


#1 Rosé


No words needed, Rosé’s proportion is a killer! Rosé takes home the crown!

In which else should they be ranked then?

More BLACKPINK pictures…

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Thank you, if you have comments, feel free to leave them below.


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