[20160609] In my most fair and honest opinion, Twice’s Beauty Ranking



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

First of all, I would like to congratulate TWICE for a very successful comeback, ‘Cheer Up’ definitely blown KOREA all the way.

This ranking is only based on my own opinion. Ranking these girls was absolutely hard, they’re all pretty and talented, but still, I have to do this.

#9 Son Chaeyoung


Chaeyoung is still young, but considering this fact, her visuals will possibly improve a lot in the future, she could just surprise me anytime with her transformation. She’s pretty, she reminds me of CL, to be honest.

#8 Hirai Momo


Momo is scorching hot and definitely pretty.

#7 Yoo Jungyeon


This girl is my second bias in Twice, she’s pretty. Anyway, her hair suits her but I think she needs to have different hair style soon, surprise us, Jungyeon!

#6 Park Jihyo


I liked her beauty from the start. If I were ranking them from Like Ooh Aah era, she could’ve ranked the last, but deym, this girl blew me away with her hidden beauty. Way to go, Jihyo!

#5 Minatozaki Sana


Shy, shy, shy! Damn, Sana is a mixture of cuteness and prettiness!

#4 Myoui Mina


Mina is my bias, but still deserves to rank this high. Have you guys seen her abs? Damn, you’ll get mesmerized.

Anyway, her beauty is effortless. She seems calm and sincere as well. I just love this girl.

#3 Kim Dahyun


I always adore Dahyun for sporting tri-colored hairstyles. She’s very quirky and it makes her more confidently beautiful!

#2 Im Nayeon


She’s like an angel. Damn, why do I even think her teeth made her more beautiful! Anyway, she’s just a total eye-candy, no need to argue on that.

#1 Chou Tzuyu


The maknae won ’em all unnies! She’s very young but damn her visuals is no joke. Her beauty is effortless. Her beauty makes me want to take care of her tho.

All in all, there’s no need to argue, TWICE members are all pretty and talented. Twice fighting!


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