[20170220] REVAMP!


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.


Well, these days, I’ve been really busy I can’t even post here regularly, that is why my blog will be having a revamp. From now on, I will be probably posting only the highlights of my week or two.

Thank you! 

[20170219] SELFLESS Series : Chapter 3


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is Sunday! Yes, my favorite day of the week!


This week, we talked about ‘Relationships’. Specifically, relationships as husband and wives.

Come to think of it, having broken families nowadays are very common, its like a fad. Lol

To be honest, not that I am proud, but I am part of a broken family myself, my Mom and Dad are separated and I live with my Grandma. Although, I am still praying for family restoration tho.

The thing is, Satan is putting immorality in our minds as if its okay.

Question: Why do we need to live pure and holy lives?

  • Higher Standard

We should not just run away from immorality, impurity and covetousness but we should walk in wisdom and live a high standard life.

God is the author of sex, therefore, He is the only legitimate source of its fulfillment.

  • Coming Judgement

When we don’t meet Jesus’ expectations, there is judgement.

If we won’t be strong, judgement will come. If Christians do sexual immorality, judgement will come to us.

Use Jesus’ grace to put a wall and say NO! to immorality because we are children of God.

“Both money and sex are for loving and giving, not lusting and getting.”

Edwin Louis Cole

Additional Information

Love is the desire to benefit others, even at the expense of self, because love desires to give. Lust is the desire to benefit self, even at the expense of others, because lust wants only to get. Love is easily satisfied; lust is insatiable. Love is the nature of Heaven, while lust is the nature of both a living and eternal Hell.

  • Divine Pleasure

We live holy lives because God is pleased. If we raise our standards in sexual immorality, Jesus is pleased.

  • How then we could walk in purity?

    1. Accept God’s moral standards.

    2. Flee from immoral and compromising situations.

    3. Store God’s word in your heart.

    4. Walk in accountability and transparency.

Out of the abundance of your heart, the mouth speaks, you will do whatever is in your heart. That is why store God’s words in your heart.

When we walk in light, we walk in purity, we allow Christ to shine on us.

So yeah, after the service we had the ‘God Test Training’.


Thank you, Sir Louie for the impartation.

So yeah, before the training started, we had a game called ‘Find the gold coins’. Since I was one of the member of the team behind the training, I did not take part on the game, but still I found this.


I actually found a real coin. How cool is that?!

In light of Jollibee’s very famous tv ad nowadays, we gave away free burgers to all the participants. We also changed our profile pictures to celebrate the ‘God Test Festival’.


After the training, we had lunch at KFC. (Blurred, sorry)


So yeah, after lunch, I attended ‘The Purple Book’ class with my buddy, Godi. The funny thing is that, Godi and I memorized three bible verses because they told us to do so, but turns out, they forgot to ask us to recite them, instead, they gave us three more verses to remember and the entire books of the bible to memorize!

Ma’am Loi gave me this because I answered her question lol. Thank you!


After the class, Guia and I were asked to stay for a meeting after the 5pm service, since it was like 4pm then, I asked Guia to hangout for awhile while waiting for the meeting, that is when Sir Louie decided to come with us.


Had KFC fries and Farron’s coffee frappes while sharing lives with each other.

So yeah, we had a meeting for the upcoming big event on the 24th. We ended up pretty late again, good thing Kuya Robert took Guia and I home, thank you very much, Kuya Robert!

So yeah, even though I was 13 hours away from home, it has been such an amazing day again. Thank you, Lord.

[20170218] What the does sun sets?


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is Saturday, jogging day!

Just appreciating myself in this picture, sorry if its unnecessary.


Anyway, I went to Guia’s place to have lunch with them and jog in the afternoon. Ow! Hazel and I also had time to look around Pulilan Market and buy some pants lol.

Thanks for the lunch, Mayor Guia.



I really don’t have to say a lot today, this day had been so amazing, I had good times with my good friends and even though it rained, Hazel and I went jogging which was really refreshing.

Ow yeah, Hazel cooked Pancit Habhab for us today too!


Here are some of the pictures, let them speak to you lol.

Hey there bud!


Stolen shot, credits to Hazel. Whoa~ look at that Dad bod.



Just wow!



I am in awe of God’s creation, its fascinating.


Thank you, Lord.


[20170217] Happy Birthday, Mommy!


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is Friday, youth service day!


Sorry for the unnecessary pic, just loved Guia’s shots.

Well, today, Guia and I were the hosts for the service, it was actually my first time. I was really nervous on stage, good thing it was the holy spirit that gave me strength. So yeah, we were commended and it felt good too!


I look older with Guia’s glasses.

Anyway, today is the first day of HEARTBEAT series.


The preaching today was really powerful, thanks to Ate Liah and Kuya Allen for sharing the word of God.

After the service, got to talk to this amazing girl, thank you for praying for us, Ashley.





Before this day ends, I just want you to know that you will always be the best mother in this world. The things that you have done for me, for the family, be it good or bad, its all in the past. I just want to thank you for everything, I am not a perfect son, and I will never be, but still, I am grateful for everything. You are one of the many reasons why I’m working hard in life, if I can’t give you a luxurious life, I am praying for at least a comfortable life. I love you, Mommy, you’ll always be the queen of my life. Happy Happy Birthday!


[20170216] Angel feels in every bite?


Hey guys,

Today is Thursday! Had a full day tho.

First, had a midterm exam at school this morning. After that, Carla and I went to see Kuya Eris and Ralph at Robinsons Pulilan because we’ll be filming a promotional video for the upcoming Big Event on the 24th.


Oops, a cameo role for me.


Don’t they look good together?


I actually remember one funny moment from earlier, there’s a scene where Carla needs to ride a jeepney, an actual one. So yeah, the thing is, we couldn’t just ask for the jeepneys to stop for us because we’re filming something, what we did was, since Carla really had to ride one, we told her to board in and just go down immediately after a few blocks and it was really epic!

Ow! The team behind the short film was co-incidentally wearing black, how cool is that?!


After the recording, Carla and I had to go back to the campus because of our prayer meeting..

After the prayer meeting, Guia and I went back to the center for a meeting. I was really starving then, thanks to Ate Liah for bringing donuts and chocolates, life saver!


Too bad we forgot to take pictures after the meeting because we ended a lil bit late. Thanks to Kuya Robert for making sure I get home safely!

PS. Thanks to Angel’s Burger lol

Even tho this had been a really long day, I definitely am blessed to have spent it with these people. Thank you, Jesus.

[20170215] Happy Birthday, Kuya Kurt!


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is Wednesday. I stood firm today that i’ll be staying at home the entire day, I need some rest. So yeah, first thing I did in the morning was to clean the house, I’ve been so busy these past few days and I haven’t been doing my chores so I cleaned the house to make it up to my grandma who has been doing every thing in the house.

Ow yes, I prepared breakfast too! Grandma was not in the house when I woke up, she was with her amigas. Lol


Anyway, my older brother is celebrating his 24th birthday today.


Image may contain: 1 person, text

I thank the Lord for your life, for you have and will always be the best brother (not because you’re the only biological brother I have) in the world. I pray for favors in your life, and provisions for the entire family. Enjoy your day, love you! 😘

[20170214] Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is Tuesday, had one class. Ow! Its Valentine’s Day too!


Well, its just a normal day for me, not that I’m bitter because I’m single, but yeah, its a normal day, not even the RP government think it deserves to be a national holiday.

Thank you, Guia! You really do know what I like, green apple lollipop!


Anyway, after class today, we, the campus leaders had a meeting for our prayer meeting on Thursday. Ow! We had a few snacks too!



After the meeting, Carla, Guia and I went to the center because we will be having a meeting for the youth service this coming Friday.

Anyway, while we were walking, two kids gave Carla a heart balloon, which is so random because we were literally passing by and they stopped to hand over the balloon to Carla. Cute!


So yeah, we talked about stuffs, got excited about our plan to make a short film about falling in love. The video will be a promotional video for the Big Event on the 24th, about ‘Marriage’. Please look forward to the outcome, Angel’s Burger will be a sure hit! Lol.

Anyway, today is also Ate Lovely’s Birthday! Happy Birthday, Ate! Thank you for the super delicious spaghetti! We broke three plastic forks and the aluminum ladle almost broke, imagine how hard the spaghetti was. Nevertheless, it was really delicious!


Got home late again, good thing there’s still an available jeep when Carla and I got to Robinsons Pulilan. So yeah, all in all, my Valentine’s Day has been amazing!