[20160927] Farming Series : Final Episode



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is Inspection Day!

Early in the morning, I went out to print our banner for later, as you can see above in the picture Lol.

Anyway, we still needed to work out on our fence so before our professor arrives, we started working on it. Very much, over the last minute.

We look retards lol.


Well, just like what they say, “All’s well that ends well”.

Despite of all the last minute problems, we were able to pass the inspection with a final grade of 92. Well, its higher than we expected so we’re all just grateful for it. Anyway, my individual urban garden got a 96, so I’m just glad its all over now.


Well, I guess, farming isn’t for me after all. But then again, it was an awesome experience. I definitely grew one level!

[20160926] Last Minute Farming Dilemma



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Well, little did you guys know, tomorrow is D-Day, our professor will finally inspect our vegetable garden. Well, we had a few problems tho.

First, the very usual problem, the stray grasses all over the place which are all out of hand. So yeah, we ended up paying for someone to tidy it up for us. The very disturbing problem is that, our fences went out missing. Well, we were able to find out what happened, apparently, the land caretaker which had our location under took them because according to them, its blocking the way. If that’s the case then, I don’t know why they had to take the one in the middle which is very clear that it won’t bother anyone passing by. Anyway, thanks to some people who are really concerned about our grades, they lend some of their bamboo poles for us. So yeah, after working over the fence, we were able to harvest a few.

Today, after visiting the farm, I went out to pay our monthly utility bills.

When I got home, I worked on our banner for tomorrow’s inspection.


Anyway, I cooked Cream of Mushroom and Cheese Mac. It got a little bit salty tho, thanks to the milk it fixed everything lol. #MilkSavesTheDay


[20160925] Sunday fine day?



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Its Sunday today, hoping its a fine day.

So yeah, we went to get our allowance today. Unfortunately, we got pushed back because we only had one valid id to present (since they don’t accept school ids and the passport had expired already), they’re actually strict because our remittance exceeded hundred thousand.


So yeah, we actually find ways to claim our money, we even tried to get clearances, too bad its Sunday. So, what we actually did was asked our angel sponsors to get a refund and split the money into two separate transactions so we could settle for one id, and so we were able to get the money.

While waiting, we could have sworn we needed some refreshments, so we got ourselves zagu. I got myself a ‘four seasons’ flavored one, I kinda like Tang’s powdered juice drink with the same flavor, that’s why. (I prefer the powdered drink tho, but this one is a so so)


Look at our grandma’s worried face, she might be wondering how much she’d spend today since its grocery day as well. Lol


After buying groceries, we went to Jollibee to have dinner. Look at the happy alien.


Well, for midnight snack, Goldilocks sansrival while watching PBB. Kisses got no votes, oh yeah!


This has been my day.

[20160924] What else could be this boring?



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is Saturday, no class, no engagement, basically, nothing to worry about, I’m absolutely free for the entire day.

Well, I just dozed off and spaced out all day, watched ‘Charmed’ too. Since I slept a lot today, missed a few meals and I just cooked and ate hotdogs.

Definitely an unproductive day.

[20160923] I am definitely under the charmed ones’ spell



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Well, since its a TGIF today, I just watched ‘Charmed’.

Right now, I already finished seasons 1 and 2, currently watching season 3 and I’m at episode 6. So yeah, I already managed to download every single episode from season 1 to season 8, now, what’s left for me to do is find a download link for the season 9 comic book.

Need to watch now. Bye!

[20160922] Senior Year Series : Episode 36



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is Thursday, FS Day!

Since our professor only came to update us which regards our schedule, he dismissed us early. Well, that means.. its hangout time!

Me and my friends had an unplanned lunch out today, we definitely had it decided by the last minute. So yeah, we went to sing first, that’s basic lol.

and.. Its lunch time. There you have it, Shakeys again, it was Thursday last week when I had lunch at Shakeys  and now, I’m having lunch here again.


So yeah, when I got home, I just watched ‘Charmed’, trying to finish Season 2 before this day ends. So yeah, let me just watch it again..

[20160921] Senior Year Series : Episode 35



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Well, today is Wednesday, and apparently, absolutely the longest day for me at school.

Anyhow, since we’re definitely trying to settle every little thing for our feasibility study, our first subject professor only had consultations, and since today is such a good day for my scholar classmates, our second subject was cancelled because apparently, half of the class needs to claim their grands.. Well, I had a quick meeting with my fellow student leaders, Sir Marvin and the directress earlier this afternoon.

So yeah, after the meeting, me and my sib, Bianca went on to Malolos to fetch Rosalyn so we could hang out.

Well, here’s a group picture to commemorate Rosalyn’s financial blessing lol.


Anyway, I just can’t help but to take a snap with this innocent and pure looking kid by the jeepney right next to ours, isn’t he cute?


First up, of course, before we run around circles, we needed to fill our tummies up. So yeah, we ended up eating at this sizzling place (I completely, honestly forgot the name. Its a newly opened place around Malolos bayan.) where we had our late lunch.


Well, its actually pretty cool that it has bean sprout along the meal, I felt like eating bibimbap then.

Right after filling up our tummies, we went to Robinsons Place Malolos, well, to belt out high notes this time.


Well, so much for having a good time, since we had so much fun, we didn’t actually realized that its already pretty dark outside.

Anyway, there’s this day’s highlight, one funny thing that has happened today.. A very klutz Rosalyn got her foot covered up with mud lol.

Well, I have to thank Rosalyn and my sib, Bianca for a very well spent day. Looking forward to spend more time with you guys, probably soon? Lol.