[20160828] Cosmic Girls’ Secret?



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

First off, I would like to say that I was never a fan of multiple member groups. I guess, I stan EXO but because they had the M and K units before. The maximum members for a group that I stan was 9, Girls’ Generation.

Anyway, I’ve always heard good stuffs about Cosmic Girls, but I avoided them.

But now, my girl Yeonjung joined the team! It gave me second thoughts about trying to listen to Cosmic Girls’ songs.


To have a taste of these 13 lovely girls, here’s their latest music video..

Even though they got into a serious controversy for filming their music video in a restricted and protected area in Korea, I was definitely amazed by the music video, it seemed like they had budget for the filming.

Anyway, I am loving the song a lot, it has been my jam for days.

The dance performance was amazing as well. They really know how to maximize the space and the 13 girls really occupied the space with grace.

I am really thankful that Starship made Yeonjung part of the team, it definitely strengthened Cosmic Girls. Anyway, I feel bad for Soobin tho, Yeonjung took some of her parts in MoMoMo, I guess they could take away some of Dayoung’s but they didn’t. So yeah, I wish WJSN more success! Fighting!

[20160827] Pokémon GO Series : Episode 14



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

My Pokémon GO journey in Eastwood City continues.

Today, my ultimate goal was to collect pokéballs because its really hard to collect balls bacj in Pulilan because the pokéstops are extremely far.

So yeah, I was able to collect balls and catch more and more pokémons as well. I was able to catch 10 additional pokémons for my pokédex.. Omanyte, Dratini, Psyduck, Clefairy, Voltorb, Butterfree, Arbok, Duduo, Kingler and Seadra.

I was able to hatch two 10km eggs too!


Look at this pokéstop, the name is funny lol.


After collecting items.. when you see it.


After my pokémon journey in Eastwood City, this had been my development.

So yeah, at the bus terminal, I didn’t know there would be a long line of passengers waiting to board the bus. So yeah, got to Pulilan late, 10:00pm, so it left me no choice but to ride a tricycle.

Nevertheless, the experience was priceless.

[20160826] Pokémon GO Series : Episode 13



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today, I went to Gateway Mall in Cubao to hunt for Pokémons with my friends. Well, that’s not the highlight tho.


My dinner for tonight.

So yeah, when my friend arrived, we went to Eastwood City, guess what? of course, to hunt for Pokémons again!

Eastwood City must be the perfect place to hunt for pokémons. The place is just a wonder! I can’t really some up the experience through words but damn, night life plus pokémon hunt is a whole new fresh experience!

Here are some of the screenshots..

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Eastwood City is a Pokémon GO paradise!

[20160825] Congratulations BLACKPINK!


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Since my professor is not coming today, got no schedule so I am able to stay at home all day.

Anyway, I would like to belatedly greet my girls BLACKPINK, Congratulations on your first win girls! Exactly a week after your debut and you girls already won your first music show win!

So guys, here’s the winning performance and the winner announcement!


[20160824] Senior Year Series : Episode 27



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

We had two classes today, I woke up late for some reason, good thing I wasn’t late for class.

I almost cried at school today tho, our first subject professor was asking us to submit something, when we don’t even know he asked us to. Actually, I still remember that he mentioned that, but he never gave further details about it. So yeah, he made us choose between a failing grade of 5 or incomplete, of course, that can’t be, we’re graduating. So in the end, he gave us another chance and asked us to submit it next week.

Sighs.. good thing I saw my girl Kisses at home while watching PBB, it melted away the stress from school earlier.


You just gotta love her.

Too bad she’s nominated. But, we will do our very best to send you luck my dear Kisses. #PBBPADALUCKKISSES!!!

[20160823] BLACKPINK continues to slay my life



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Well, we happen to have no class today so I’ll be giving recognition to my girls, BLACKPINK.

So yeah, a few days ago they released their dance practice videos for BOOMBAYAH and Whistle, and I was definitely blown away!

See for yourselves guys,

I cannot control my heart, Rosé! Why do you have to be this fine!

I really need to have my heart checked after watching this video.

So yeah, I guess there is really no doubt that BLACKPINK is one of the hottest girl group in the WORLD, I repeat, the WORLD. BLACKPINK hailed the no.1 spot in the US Billboard charts that’s why.

Well, as for me, I guess I’m under BLACKPINK’s spell already and its effect will last until my last breath. Congratulations girls, you’ve got yourselves a handsome fanboy. lol

[20160822] Pokémon GO Series : Episode 12



Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today, since I have no classes, I went on a pokémon journey. I went to Malolos’ capitol gymnasium to collect pokéballs and catch pokémons as well.

Well, I was able to become a gym leader too! As you can see my Blastoise is standing strong as a gym leader not only in a single gym but two gyms!


Blastoise wasn’t loaded properly yet when I took the screenshot here tho.

Anyway, I actually had the chance to fight with myself, how cool is that?!


I also dropped a lure module so that all of my fellow trainers can benefit as well.


All in all, it was a fun day today. I was able to collect pokéballs and catch pokémons too! I actually grew one level as well because of a lucky egg and mass evolving.

This has been my day!