[20161204] Hark: Fear not but believe GOD!


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is Sunday, praising and worship day!


This week, we have started another series, ‘HARK’.

Three points of today’s preaching..

  1. Believe that God intervenes
    1. He providentially cares for us
    2. He loves
    3. He is involved
    4. He intervenes
  2. Believe that God’s answers are bigger than our prayers.
  3. Believe that God quiets down our unbelief.

“Fear not and believe that God can turn our disappointments into Joy.”

After the service, my good friend Chad and I had lunch at KFC, as I’ve been really craving for KFC these past few days. lol

Anyway, today has been really great!

[20161203] All hail the dancing queen Hyoyeon!


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

This is definitely a good news to me, well, even though I’m still devastated by 2NE1’s disbandment, life goes on right? Well, thanks to Hyoyeon I am starting to appreciate kpop even more.

My queen Hyoyeon just released her first ever solo single, ‘Mystery’.


She looks elegantly feisty and sexy, doesn’t she? Anyway, without further ado, here is Hyoyeon’s majestic music video.

To be honest, Hyoyeon has been behind the shade of her members ever since, she was really underrated. But damn, I am just so proud of her, she proved ’em all wrong! Her full potential is overflowing and screaming! I bet SM Entertainment had been served good after this, now they can finally see how HYOYEON could be the complete package!

About the song, its really catchy, I like music too it sounds a bit middle eastern, very unique for a KPOP song. About the dance, of course, this is a given fact, Hyoyeon is a queen in dancing, she nailed it!

Proof? Here’s her live performance today.

Wow, until now I can’t believe myself that Hyoyeon was the third SNSD member to promote and debut as a solo artist, I am so proud of you my queen!


Anyway, not too long ago, Hyoyeon debuted in a unit with Jo Kwon and Min as ‘Triple T’ too. Hyoyeon slayed there, maybe that’s why SM thought Hyoyeon is ready for a solo debut too.


Then again, my Dancing Queen, Hyoyeon! Congratulations on your Solo Debut! I wish ‘Mystery’ would be a hit! I love you!


[20161202] More than ENOUGH


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is indeed another practice day.

Well, I am just happy that after yesterday, my classmates had grown to be much cooperative now.

Look at how happy we are, we’re just enjoying every time, that makes our time together even more special.


with mah homies, (where are Regie and Chad tho?)


with mah fave girl, Salyn.

Anyway, after practice, we went to the youth service right away.. Sorry for the blurred picture guys, it was a bumpy ride after all.


Welcome to the new chapter, MORE THAN ENOUGH.


Well, I just thank the Lord that He has always been giving me more than what I’ve ever needed. I am blessed and loved because I am a son of God.


[20161201] Lets start December 2016 with a blast!


Hey guys,

Today is the first day of the month of December, the last month of 2016! Time really flies so fast, isn’t it?

Anyway, we had class today. After class, I had the opportunity to talk to the class wholeheartedly and I am just happy about the results. I was able to honor each of my classmates, I was able to express and tell them how thankful I am to have met them. Because I was too overwhelmed, I even posted this on Facebook.


To my classmates, friends, siblings, my people.. My Family, BSE IV-1.

I just want to honor you guys, I’ve already told you individually as well, right?. But still, I want you guys to know that I thank the Lord for our lives. I always believe that my admission in PUP Pulilan was not by accident, I know that the Lord made it possible so I could meet all of you, so I could get to know all of you personally and share lives with you. I am forever grateful for the relationships I’ve made, thank you guys.

I just admire the Lord for giving us appreciative and humble hearts, for that, I am forever grateful.

This picture doesn’t include everyone though, but still, the message goes out to all of you guys.

For me, BSE IV-1 is not just a group of my friends or classmates, you guys are my siblings, you’re my Family. Let’s do this for His glory. I love you guys! 😘

We had crazy shots today too!


Thank you Lord, for this day.

[20161130] Happy Birthday Matmat!


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is my nephew’s first birthday!

Happy Birthday, Matthew Johnson!


Matmat’s parents were able to put up a small celebration for his special day. Happy Birthday Matmat!


My grandma randomly asked me to take a picture of her with Kuya Ricky. lol


Anyway, today, I wasn’t able to make it to Bulacan Convergence, it was the gathering of all Christian Churches in Bulacan, I feel bad for not being able to make it anyway. But, I know for a fact that God knows my heart’s desires and intentions.

Today has been a very blessed day after all.

[20161129] Play hard, work harder


Hey guys,

This is Kenneth.

Today is Tuesday, supposedly we were to prepare for implementation tomorrow, but since its holiday tomorrow, we didn’t. But still, I was given notice to attend an emergency meeting at 3pm.

I actually got there late because I was playing Ran Online lol.


Anyway, there are so many stuffs to do after the meeting. GTG!